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About me[edit]

  • I am an IT consultant and coder with an special interest in processes for enhanced personal and professional effectiveness.
  • As a university student, I studied psychology, history and philosophy of science and more broadly computer science and the cognitive sciences (computing, linguistic, psychology, artificial intelligence...).
  • I am most interesting in outliers, the top 1-2% in academic and elite sports performance
  • I became interested in rehabilitation and neuroplasticity, particularly follow stroke after my father experienced a severe stroke and I helped him to learn to walk again.
  • I am keenly interested in startups and internet entrepreneurship having set up and run an ISP during the early days on the internet

Academic interests[edit]

Cognitive science[edit]

Computer science[edit]


Currently reading[edit]

Personal and professional interests[edit]

Modeling expertise[edit]

  • Finding, meeting and learning directly from geniuses
  • Coaching and training others to discover and unlock their potential
  • Methods for modeling expertise

Web development[edit]

Figure 1. A. view of an idealized action potential shows its various phases as the action potential passes a point on a cell membrane. B. Recordings of action potentials are often distorted compared to the schematic view because of variations in electrophysiological techniques used to make the recording.
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