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Adam Czech (ubiquitous pseudonym: Antipode) was born 11 January, 1986, but already has a life that could take a Wikipedia article to tell; he hopes to someday get around to writing it. He currently resides in both Nashville, Tennessee, and the Internet, and is looking forward to getting back into college after getting married and moving the 700 miles from Wisconsin to Nashville. His interests involve writing creatively, coming up with projects too large for him to actually accomplish, collaborative role-playing, and game design.

Where You Can Find 'Pode[edit]

As a member of the Internet community at large, Adam has a firm finger on the pulse of the world through many different outlets. These include, but are not limited to:

Crystal Plains MuseWorks is an internet creative community with the drive to support artists of absolutely any media. Literary, visual, interactive, physical, conceptual, musical, cinematic... If it's something you've made, we want to see it! Whether it's for some constructive criticism or just some publicity, we have a community waiting to see your work! Looking for talent to help with your next big project, or want to offer your services to someone else? CP MuseWorks is the place for you! We also offer free hosting to any member projects!
Adam's personal portfolio is also located at Crystal Plains.
  • deviantART (Wiki page) - The online art community. Since Adam doesn't focus all that much on visual art any more as opposed to writing, this page hasn't been updated in ages.

He also has an RSS list of over three dozen sites, which he checks regularly, covering such topics as world news, videogame previews and reviews, game politics, and webcomics.