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Most of my involvement is when doing software development. I'm currently employed by the Wikimedia Foundation to program internal fundraising systems, but also work night jobs with Revscoring, Education Program, and on dumping the corpuses. I never officially speak for the Foundation, nobody would pay me any mind regardless.

What I'd most like to be doing is volunteering for artists in residency programs, spraypainting the walls and trying to make many small usability improvements for wiki readers and contributors. I'm committed to a diaspora of our technology and culture, what would that look like?

See Wikisource for my amateur translation of Luigi Fabbri's biography of Errico Malatesta, "Life of Malatesta". Editors welcome!


Collaborative translation is a thrilling idea, and must be happening but hasn't sought me out yet. I have some even less complete works, of Francesco Codello's "La Buona Educazione", Giampietro Berti, Paul Robin, Vladimir Korolenko, but I wouldn't want to inflict any of this on the world in its current state. The above nearly readable translation is shabby enough.