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Kids On The Blockk also known as K.O.B. is a group from Chicago, Illinois-based Hip Hop group and underground. This group started in school by two kids at the age of 12 as just a group of two close friends around the year 2006. Later the two started rapping as a hobbie about other things around them. Soon enough decided to record their lyrics first recording took place in their homes with just a desktop built-in microphone. Posted it on Myspace but did not receive many hits. Then the computer they used to record was stolen in a robbery, but later on in 2009 started to record again. Made a song called "My Way" featuring Trigatee which lives in New Zealand. The track was using the instrumental from "Love Up In This Club" by Usher. The soon received 800 hits the first week, a year later received 60,000 hits which was big while being underground. Later on a group of kids decided to post a video on YouTube dissing the member Kid-A then decided to post a freestyle and using the "Hustler's Ambition" by 50 Cent instrumental. This track was also featuring a family member of M.c. who's verse is last. The song is partially written and not fully free-styled. Then the song received 2,000 hits the first week, then a year later received 68,000 hits which was also good for their underground music and recording with a cheap microphone. Although this group remains very unknown the group remains on their ambition to create music.