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If you send me email, I will respond on your talk page. If you are being affected by a block to your IP address, be sure to tell me what that address is.

I registered with Wikipedia in July 2005.

I am an inclusionist with mergist tendencies and an optimistic eventualist. In short, I'm more concerned about article quality than I am about notability, but I'm not in a rush about it. Notability requirements supporting WP:V and WP:NOR have merit, but beyond that I feel they are little more than instruction creep. The notability guideline I'm most familiar with is WP:WEB, which is used for web sites, webcomics, and the like. Overall I think it's a good compromise, but I won't vote to delete an article just because it doesn't meet it specifically.

I am a member of the WikiProject Webcomics and do caretaking for the list of webcomics and Wikipedia:WikiProject Webcomics/Deletion. It was my interest in webcomics that led me to register an account here, and Elf Only Inn was the first article I heavily contributed to. Incidentally, Elf Only Inn became the center of a minor controversy in AfD and DRV. It came up for AfD four times and it was even speedily deleted once. It was all a little overblown, but it did give me a crash course on Wikipedia policies and practices. Though I am inclusionist, I don't believe we should indiscriminately keep all articles on webcomics. I've expressed my thoughts on why here.

Though I am no longer very active as a vandal fighter, I have a fair bit of experience at RC patrolling. I try not to be too trigger happy when it comes to reverts, but when I decide to err on the side of caution, it usually is to favor a rollback. If I've done this to you, rather than complain about it on my talk page, next time use credible edit summaries. I'm far less likely to roll back edits that have them. As far as obvious defacement goes, though I prefer to give vandals a little rope to hang themselves with, I'm not afraid to block. For the purpose of dealing with non-productive edits, I leave my sense of humor at the door; this isn't Uncyclopedia.