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Bot Task Status Description Activity
Task 2  Approved. Restoring Sandbox headers if they are removed     -Active
Task 3  Approved. Getting lists and adding/removing Maintenance tags     -Active
Task 4  Approved. Adding {{BadFormat}} to PDF files     -Active
Task 9  Approved. Substing user talk templates     -Active
Task 11  Approved. Fixing double redirects     -Active
Task 15  Approved. Adding {{reflist}} sections     -Active
Task 18  Approved. Removing {{Orphan}} tags     -Active
Task 20  Approved. Adding {{Uncat}} tags     -Active
Task 24  Approved. Removing {{Uncat}} tags     -Active
Task 26 Approved for trial. Updating Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/User talk templates     -Active
Task 27 Approved for trial. Removing {{Deadend}} tags     -Active
Task 28  Approved. Removing {{Sections}} tags     -Active
Task 29 Approved for trial. Removing phased out templates from pages     -Active
Task 30 Approved for trial. Removing stub tags from pages that are no longer stubs     -Inactive
Task 31 Status Unknown. Removing {{Unreferenced}} from pages with references     -Inactive
Task 32 Status Unknown. Removing {{Empty_section}} from sections with content     -Inactive
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