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made my first edit in 5 May 2006 to the article on Bandarban District. I visited the page to as a reader, and found that I knew more than the article had. So I expanded it, and largely left it there. Then I found that the the article on Shahbag, a stub back then, was being merged with Dhaka. I started working on article, eventually bringing it up to a featured article status. Working on that article is still the best times of my wikilife. There I met some of the people I consider as my dearest wikifriends - Dwaipayanc, Rama's Arrow, Nichalp, Bakasuprman, and, of course, Ragib, the only Bangladeshi admin back then. Fowler&fowler and Tony1 the great also lent their hands. Later, Ragib and I collaborated in many projects, including fighting Muraad Kahn, a single purpose editor and a sock master.

Shortly thereafter Tarif Ezaz took drive to elevate the article on Bengali Language Movement, which happened largely in Shahbag, to a featured article status. I became involved. I also became a defender of the Dhaka article when its featured status faced delisting. Many of the articles I created were spin off from these few articles, including Muzharul Islam and Dhaka Club. I was never a major contributor to Bangladesh Liberation War, but I remained a curator for the article and related articles for long.

While working on Shahbag, I found that the area was originally built by the Dhaka Nawab Family. I ended up creating articles for the family and all of the successors. One of the successors played a major role in the History of aviation in Bangladesh. I embarked on that article immediately. It led me to the Biman Bangladesh Airlines article, and AA was in the middle of a major improvement drive. I ended up bringing that article to a featured article status and successfully nominate AA for adminship. At one point, I also contributed significantly to Pakistani and Indian aviation articles.


ne day I found that article on Jayne Mansfield had too much on her personality and too little on her work. My involvement with that article started with an improvement request made on the talk page. Soon I became the primary editor for that article, and have so far brought it up to a GA status. I created a spin off from that article - Jayne Mansfield in popular culture. It was nominated twice for deletion. I started to improve fast enough to prove that the article has merit. It survived. I kept working on it, and it eventually became a separate Good Article. I also contributed significantly in sourcing media files for these articles. I also created or expanded articles on her kin and her works.

Another day I added a non-free image to the article on Riya Sen. There was an attempt to delete it for insufficient compliance. To increase the compliance quotient a created a more relevant article - Ananthabhadram. The image stayed, and I managed to work both articles up to GA status. Ms. Sen and her mother and Raima all being movie stars I was next led to List of Hindi film clans. Later, by the way, I had the image deleted by my own initiative. Here I met Zora (who managed to teach me more about Wikipedia than anyone else), Bollyjeff, Kwamikagami and Dr. Blofeld. They are not exactly friends, but I do have fond memories of all. This also was the article where I met Hurricanehink the great.


or a brief period I was very active with WikiProject Bangladesh. There, among other things, I started discussing a format and an ideal for Upazila articles. It led me to start working on a random Upazila. I chose Sitakunda Upazila. It is a GA now. I was creating new articles all along to address all the redlinks I made, but for this one I had to create species articles, including Bambusa vulgaris. That in turn led me to the Sundarbans article, which was almost solely about the West Bengal part back then.

At the project User:Armanaziz was very active, working on categorization and assessing, among other things. Exchanges with him led me to work on the two Nobel Peace Award winners of 2006 - Grameen Bank and Muhammad Yunus. The eventual collaboration lifted both articles to GA status. Him and I also collaborated to defend featured Bangladesh-related articles. Dhaka we could, Kazi Nazrul Islam and Shahbag we couldn't.

I don't even recall how I embarked on the Bikini article. But, so far it is the oldest Wikipedia article I have edited. It now is a good article. In the process I kept spinning out forks like History of the bikini (now another good article), Bikini in popular culture and Bikini variants, along with articles on individual variants and parts.

In 30 July 2008 I had my Wikimedia Global Account. So far I have logged into 66 Wikimedia projects, editing 13 of them. After the English Wikipedia, my home project, the next most contributed project is Wikimedia Commons (of course).

The Bangladesh Project
The Neutrality ProjectThe Notability Project
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Articles I have started or contributed significantly to
Featured article Featured article/list Good article: Good Article Did You Know? Featured at Did You Know Former featured article Former featured article Delisted good article Former good article


Centre for Policy DialogueJamaat-ul-Mujahideen BangladeshThe Daily Star (Bangladesh)Local Government Engineering DepartmentBangladesh Center for Advanced StudiesIslamic Foundation BangladeshBangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and CommunicationNational Heritage Foundation of BangladeshEastern Housing LimitedRaipur Fish Hatchery and Training CentreBangladesh Small and Cottage Industry CorporationChristian Commission for Development in BangladeshBangladesh Short Film ForumJiraz Art GalleryKatabon MosqueInstitute of Modern LanguagesInstitute of Cost & Management AccountantsCentral Public Library (Dhaka)Dhaka ClubAll India Muslim Education Conference

Grameen enterprises

Muhammad Yunus (Good article) • List of awards received by Muhammad YunusGrameen Bank (Good article) • Grameen family of organizations (Grameen TelecomGrameen CommunicationsGrameen ShaktiGrameen TrustGrameen MotshoGrameen ShikkhaGrameen Baybosa BikashGrameen Knitwear Limited)Grameen Fund


Education in BangladeshList of universities in Bangladesh (Featured article) • Universities in BangladeshViqarunnisa Noon SchoolViqarunnisa Noon CollegeInstitute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries


Islamic University of BangladeshAtish Dipankar University of Science and TechnologyUniversity of Liberal Arts BangladeshRoyal University of DhakaPrime Asia UniversityUniversity of Information Technology & SciencesPresidency UniversitySouthern University, BangladeshGreen University of BangladeshRajshahi UniversityViqarunnisa UniversityBangladesh University of Professionals


Ghiyasuddin Mahmud ShahFakhruddin Mubarak ShahAlauddin Ali ShahSomapura MahaviharaBangladesh Liberation WarBengal Assam Railway1971 Bangladesh atrocitiesMukti BahiniBengali Language Movement (Featured article) • Artistic depictions of the Language MovementArmenian community of Dhaka (Did You Know?)

Dhaka Nawab Family

Dhaka Nawab FamilyKhwaja AlimullahKhwaja Abdul GhaniKhwaja AhsanullahKhwaja SalimullahKhwaja Habibullah


History of aviation in Bangladesh (Did You Know?) • Biman Bangladesh Airlines‎ (Good article)(Former featured article) • Pakistan Air ForceNo. 6 Squadron, Indian Air ForceNo. 4 Squadron, Indian Air ForceNo. 8 Squadron, Indian Air ForceNo. 9 Squadron, Indian Air ForceBiman Bangladesh Airlines subsidiaries


Dhaka (Featured article) • Shishu ParkGulshan ThanaBailey RoadSholakia (Did You Know?) • Abhaynagar UpazilaSitakunda Upazila (Did You Know?) (Good article) • Sitakunda TownHaorList of cities and towns in BangladeshHalda RiverNorth BengalBarind TractSundarbansBangladesh–India borderSouth AsiaBandarban DistrictKeokradongList of mountains of Bangladesh‎Shahbag (Former featured article)


Sri Anandamoyi MaMazharul IslamHakim Habibur Rahman (Did You Know?) • Ganguly family (films)Silk SmithaShakeelaSirajul IslamMohammad Ruhul AminRounaq JahanA. K. Faezul HuqDewan Mohammad AzrafRiya Sen (Good article)• Nethra RaghuramanDabboo RatnaniN. ChandraSara ZakerKalamandalam Ramankutty NairM.G. RadhakrishnanShyam Mukherjee (filmmaker)List of Indian film clans

Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield (Good article) • Promises! Promises!Too Hot to Handle (1960 film)Miklós HargitayJayne Marie MansfieldJayne Mansfield: Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky & MeJayne Mansfield in popular culture (Good article) • Dwight HookerJorge GuinleWorks of Jayne MansfieldJayne Mansfield's Pink PalaceNelson SardelliMay MannMartha SaxtonThe Tropicana HolidayThe House of Love (show)Enrico BombaJames Robert ParishAndrew Nelson (author)Jayne Mansfield Busts Up Las VegasFairview Cemetery (Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania)Jayne Mansfield-Sophia Loren photo


Ecologically Critical AreaBangladesh Environment Conservation Act


Excoecaria agallochaBambusa balcooaBambusa vulgarisBambusa tuldaBambusa longispiculata


Taenioides cirratusScomberomorus commersonAcanthopagrus latus‎Eleutheronema tetradactylumGudusia chapraPangasius pangasiusArius nengaEtroplus suratensisRaiamas bola‎Liza parsiaGlossogobius giurisLabeo goniusTenualosa toli

Language and literature

Banglapedia (Good article) • MacavityIndosphere

Art and entertainment

The BatesWarfazeCatsuits and bodysuits in popular mediaGazzetta del PopoloIl Giornale d'Italia


BikiniHistory of bikini (Good article) • Bikini variantsMonokini‎Tankini‎Bikini waxingBikini in popular culturePrincess Leia's metal bikiniJayne Mansfield's leopard spot bikiniThong (clothing)Social impact of the thongWhale tail (Good article) • Micheline Bernardini


Ananthabhadram (Did You Know?) (Delisted good article) • Thommanum MakkalumRajamanickamKannappanunniPalattu KomanAkash Ar MatiLayanam


Section 144Jute tradePanta bhatBoli KhelaGreater BangladeshButtock cleavageCleavage (breasts)Blonde bombshell


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