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Monkey at work

Monkeyman.png Preface: The Monkey[edit]

The story of the exploits of Sun Wukung (孫悟空; known in the West as the Monkey King) narrated in the sixteenth century book the Journey to the West shows the Monkey King to be a rascal and a thief as well as the resilient trickster figure who is able to outwit both the celestial gods and the lords of the netherworld (陰間) before at last earning great honor through his service to them.[1]
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Aditya or Aditya Kabir (also known as the Monkey King; simplified Chinese: 孙悟空; traditional Chinese: 孫悟空; pinyin: Sūn Wùkōng; Wade–Giles: Sun Wu-k'ung) is a species of primates, primarily found in Kazakhstan. These primates are primarily known for their skills in the Fu and their practice of worshiping Superman, both characters extensively studied by Dr. Doolittle. Dr. No maintains that primates of the genus Homo in general, and the species of Homo sapiens in particular, are descendants of A. Kabir. However, Dr. Darwin, in 1945, and Mr. bin Laden, in 1967, have challened the Dr. No-hypothesis and fowarded their own hypothesis. Followers of these two heretics call their new doctrine "Just Say Yes".

Use of A. Kabir is popular in the area of medical research. According to the Powerpuff Girls, a human rights group, several hundred individuals of the specimen were killed in the process of developing Viagra, an outer space drug developed by NASA. Dr. Frankenstein, spokesperson of the medical division of NASA, declined the allegation claiming that only Pokémons and Jabberwockys, two common varieties of toads, were used in R&D.

A. Kabir is also known for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Spoonerism, Malapropism, Typographical error and other psychological instabilities, extensively studied by Dr. Freud. According to probability theorist Dr. Doom, these instabilities may have been the final cause for the Mediation Cabal, or even the Uncyclopedia. (more...)

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Monkeyman.png What's in a name?[edit]

Stop! The sanity of this user is disputed. Please refrain from conversing normally with this user.

Part Name Hieroglyph Vernacular Meaning
First Aditya
आदित्य (Sanskrit) The Sungod, one of the 12 highest gods of Indian Pantheon, a son of Aditi the Earth Goddess
Family Kabir
الكبير (Arabic) The Great, an attribution of the God, an attribution of kings

Monkeyman.png Prologue: What, me worry?[edit]

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That's me and my reincarnations in a journey towards the Nirvana of the Apes.

It was a sunny summer afternoon, as sunny as it gets, and my colleague Shakib was getting excited about some business pitch or other. I don't remember which one, or if we managed to win it or not. To answer to his bullet-pointed questionnaire I turned to Google. I was feeling lucky that day, and I typed out - Bandarban - and voila, came up an Wikipedia page.

I have been caught ever since, held by the power of this wonderful project of Wikimedia Foundation, hosted by Wikia and running on MediaWiki softwares, is truly the greatest of all Wikis and a crowning glory of Web 2.0. I soon found out that the Bangladesh entries on this free content encyclopedia needs massive help. So I volunteered, though not much has been achieved yet. Instead of focusing my efforts around my home country I have been rather busy with random articles or topics that tickled my fancy. Not a difficult job, as we have till today 5,483,665 articles to choose from.

Monkeyman.png Before the monkey came[edit]

So stuck between Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea. Way too cool.

My mother grew up in the house that my maternal grandfather bought from the family of Jibanananda Das in Barisal, near the Oxford Church. Das, the famous Bengali poet, has lived there for most of his life to write some of the most wonderful poems in Bangla. My father taught at Brajamohan College, where Das was a member of the faculty a few decades earlier.

My father published a number of monographs on the poet when he was teacher at the University of Dhaka. Among his friends, a gang of poets and intellectuals that included Farhad Mazhar and Ahmad Safa, he was recognized as the last standard-bearer of the school of Mr. Das. His other friends and associates included Humayun Azad, Nirmalendu Goon and Mohammad Rafiq. Both my parents and their friends were involved with the radical flank of the Six point movement of 1969. That was before my birth.

Monkeyman.png Beginning at the end[edit]

My guardian angel Saint Anne, the Forbear of God.

It was 13 November, 1970, a day after the worst cyclone disaster in recorded history - the 1970 Bhola cyclone. I was born in wee hours that showed no light apart from lightning strikes. As I breathed my first at Saint Anne's Hospital, Barisal, thousands breathed their last in my ancestral village, Jangalia, less than a 100 km away. The Bay of Bengal, a regular generator of tropical cyclones was at its cruelest that day surpassing the disasters of 1965, 1963, 1942 and 1864. The cyclone and its fury killed 500,000 people by estimate.[2]

I arrived in the middle of an apocalypse, shortly followed by an armageddon - the Bangladesh Liberation War.

A month after my birth, Awami League became the majority in National Assembly elections.[3] But, upon the threats of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan People's Party, Yahya Khan then president of Pakistan, delayed the convening of the assembly.[4] Then in 1971, all hell broke loose. Sheikh Mujib gave a speech virtually declaring independence (7 March),[5] Yahya Khan declared martial law, the Pakisatni Army launched Operation Searchlight (26 March), Bengalis in the army defected and Major Ziaur Rahman declared independence of Bangladesh (27 March).[6] The ensuing nine months to freedom took a toll of 3,000,000 Bangladeshi lives, inclduing a paternal uncle.[7] 400,000 women were raped,[8] 600,000 refugees, including a maternal uncle, left for India,[9] and entire Bangladesh was devastated.

My mother, pregnant with my younger sister, took me through a tour of the country in fear of persecution. Other members of the family joined the war to liberate Bangladesh. A paternal uncle died, a paternal aunt was later recognized as a Bir Protik

Monkeyman.png Whirlwinds[edit]

The monkey is an omnivorous animal.

The newly liberated state brought no good news. Liberation was followed by famine, a greed-borne disaster that killed about a million[10]. Then the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman came along with a long line of military coups, as well as the killings of Abu Taher, Zahir Raihan, Siraj Sikdar and my father.

I was entered into Udayan School, then University Laboratory School and finally West End Highschool. In 1987 I passed the Secondary School Certificate examination. After two years at the Notredame College, where I had to become a debating champion to escape charges of misconduct, I passed the Higher Secondary (School) Certificate examination.

By that time I had done part-time jobs for a couple of magazines that included Bichinta (eventually landing me a job at daily Ajker Kagoj), lost virginity, had poems published by the Bangla Academy, and learned to smoke ganja[11][12] and hash in copious amounts. Bangladesh, by that time, had seen two authoritative rulers Ziaur Rahman, who was assassinated,[13] and Hossain Mohammad Ershad, who, ousted in a mass uprising, violently came to and went of power.

I got myself into the department of International relations at Dhaka University that taught me the fundamentals of military history and military strategy. I sailed through a serious Drug abuse problem and 8 mostly left wing political groups that included Bangladesh Students Union, 14 different jobs, mostly with newspapers that included The Daily Star and Prothom Alo, and even more varieties of women and Narcotics. Between 1991, the year Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh formed the government with Khaleda Zia as the Prime Minister. By 1999, life became a manic mess of a myriad misadventures.

Monkeyman.png Back again[edit]

The monkey needs love and would like to have some of them shining objects: Barnstars, Personal user awards, Husond's gifts, Riana's gifts, Durova's Tripple Crown or a Wiffle

I was saved by three blessings in the end - Narcotics Anonymous, Osho and Oxfam - helping out with sobriety, serenity and sanity. I got into a Twelve-step program in 2002, and more blessings followed. The next year I joined the JWT, which in Bangladesh is led by Aly Zaker, a trustee of the Liberation War Museum, Asaduzzaman Nur, a Bangladesh Awami League parliamentarian, and Sara Zaker.

Now I get to work on brands like Nokia, Lux, Sunsilk, Wheel (the last two belong to Unilever), Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7 Up, Mirinda (the last thee belong to PepsiCo, obviously), and Singapore Airlines. I also worked on campaigns for almost all the Bangladesh telco brands - banglalink, Citycell Grameenphone and Aktel. I also have a social communication portfolio campaigning for UNICEF (in Bangladesh and Afghanistan), UNDP, UNFPA, IOM, WHO, Transparency International, Save the Children, Marie Stopes, and BRAC.

And, I also get play around really silly stuff like the Facebook,[14] Flickr,[15] YouTube,[16] children's flash games or superhero questionnaires. No wonder that more than half of my days are spent in front of a computer (which has a name too - a Hambaa,[17] which means moo in Bengali).

Monkeyman.png Slip knot[edit]

Guanyin or Padmapani is the goddess of mercy in Buddhist iconography

The following year I got married to Shumu, a film director who was working at Lowe Worldwide, which in Bangladesh is led by Geeti Ara Shafia, an advisor of the Caretaker government of Bangladesh in 2007. Her film Dhaka 2005, produced by Bangladesh Short Film Forum was nominated for an award at Rome Independent Film Festival[18] She has also workd for the British-Bangladesh production The Last Thakur as a casting director though it was largely uncredited.[19] Anyways, the marriage fell apart, and we got divorced. She joined the ranks of Bangladeshi Americans.

In 2011, I got married again. This time to Deepa (meaning Deepa), a researcher at James P. Grant School of Public Health[20] under BRAC University,[21] a project of BRAC[22] housed in ICDDRB.[23] She is quite well acquinted with spiritual talks of Osho and Jalaluddin Rumi.

Next year my daughter was born. She is named Krittika Padmapani. Krittika is the ruling star of her birth month – Kartik – and foster mother of the general of gods. Padmapani is the bodhisattva known as Guanyin (one who hears the cry of all humanity) in China.

Monkeyman.png Monkey see monkey show[edit]

Year Film Role Director Language Type Duration (minutes) Funder Notes
2010 Picnic Script Writer AKA Reza Ghalib Bangla A coming-of-age drama 12 Self Made for US$ 30.00
2008 Ekti non-fiction ar koyekti fiction Script Writer Abid Mullick Bangla A drama 40 NTV Name translation: A non-fiction and a few fictions
2008 Aha! Sub Titles Enamul Karim Nirjhar Bangla A drama 110 Channel i Featured in Cairo Film Festival, Dubai Film Festival and Munich Film Festival
2007 Joy Jatra Sub Titles Toukir Ahmed Bangla A period piece 115 Channel i Featured at Kolkata Film Festival. Name translation: Journey to victory
2006 Tobuo Bhalobasha Script Writer AKA Reza Ghalib Bangla A romance 42 Channel i Name translation: It's still love
2006 Baro Bhuter Kissa Script Writer Nurul Alam Atique Bangla A ghost story 38 NTV Name translation: Tale of a dozen demons
2005 Dhaka 2005 Script Writer/ Asst. Director Shampa Afroz Shumu Bangla A comedy thriller 5 Bangladesh Short Film Forum Loosely based on a short story by Satyajit Ray, made for US$ 10.00. Featured in Rome Film Festival.
2003 Island of Hope Script Writer Akram Khan English A documentary film 36 Oxfam On Bangladesh river islands
2003 Torash Script Writer/ Director Self Bangla A suspense thriller 44 Independent producer Name translation: Fear
2000 Phulkumar Sub Titles/ PR Ashique Mustafa Bangla A drama 78 New York University Film School Based on a story by Shahidul Zahir. Name translation: The flower child
1993 Parampara Script Writer Minhazul Abedin Bangla A documentary film on the Baul 14 Independent producer Format Super 8 film. Name translation: Heritage

Monkeyman.png Epilogue: Monkey's day out[edit]

The areas that really interest me are mostly about Bangladesh, particularly History, Geography, Dhaka City, the War of Liberation, and the minority population). I also have an interest in the areas of Religion in Bangladesh (especially Christianity), Spirituality, and Pornography.

While stumbling around in the Wikipedia I have come face to face with all forms of Chinese martial arts - Eagle Claw (鷹爪派), Butterfly Sword (蝴蝶雙刀), Jeet Kune Do (截拳道), Lau Gar (劉家), Five Animals (五形), Silk reeling (纏絲功) or any form of Monkey Kung Fu (isn't that obvious?). There are discrepancies, conflicting philosophies, contradictory evidence, confusing precedence, sneaky vandalism and... you get the point. It is interesting to find, though, the admins at odds. You know, consensus doesn't ever come easy.

Though I consider myself a polymath, I have suffered from a number of WikiDiseases at varying degrees - Academic Standards Disease, Wikinoia, Wikistress, Redlinkphobia, Link madness, Substub disease and Edit counting. I haven't suffered from Admnitis yet, because, you dummy, I'm not an administrator here. I don't think I ever will want to be one, not with my level of patience.

Monkeyman.png Annex 01: Monkey trivia[edit]

Monkeyman.png Annex 02: Monkey plans[edit]

Ahsan Manzil front view

  • Currently working on:
Grameen family of articles: Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank, Grameen Fund, Grameen family of organizations
Jayne Mansfield family of articles: Jayne Mansfield, Jayne Mansfield in popular culture, Jayne Mansfield biographical timeline, and her films and records
Other articles: Somapura Mahavihara, Banglapedia, Sitakunda, History of aviation in Bangladesh, List of cities and towns in Bangladesh

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