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I've been a Wikipedian since August 2008. I became an administrator in April 2009, after a successful RFA. I'm no longer an administrator due to inactivity.

Did you know

Below are the articles created, expanded, and nominated by me, which appeared on the Did you know (DYK) section.


Baseball Before We Knew It, Louis Réard, Michael P.C. Carns, Henry Bohlen, Richard Waterhouse (general), Luther Prentice Bradley, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Egypt), Petrus Johannes Waardenburg, Robert Alexander Cameron, James Sanks Brisbin, Franklin M. Fisher, Marc Feldmann, Robert Francis Catterson, Charles Thomas Campbell, Stephen Gardner Champlin, George Henry Chapman, Augustus Louis Chetlain, Science and technology in Mexico, Thomas Alfred Davies, Elliott Woods, Joseph Alexander Cooper, Frederick Hamilton March, Walter A. McDougall, Fred Albert Shannon, Paul Herman Buck, Roy Franklin Nichols, Constance McLaughlin Green, John Allen (pioneer), Elisha Rumsey, Marcus Lee Hansen, Ismail Shammout, Claude H. Van Tyne, Andrea Elliott, Thomas K. McCraw, Gerhard Jahn, Fritz Neumayer, Hans-Joachim von Merkatz, Morgan Henry Chrysler, Albert Clinton Horton, John McClannahan Crockett, Hisashi Kobayashi, IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory


List of storms in the 2001 Atlantic hurricane season, Spiraea japonica, Powhatan Henry Clarke, Thomas Henry Barry, Johann Friedrich, Duke of Pomerania


Note: I've stopped nominating articles developed by others for DYK. The last article developed by others, which I nominated for DYK, was James M. Goggin; the article appeared on DYK on November 26, 2008.

Bobô (footballer born 1962), M3 Amphibious Rig, Artus de Lionne, MTA Regional Bus Operations, Davidge Gould, Emily McPherson College of Domestic Economy, John Stephenson (cricketer, born 1907), Tin(IV) fluoride, James W. McMillan, James M. Goggin