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Adjwilley (ādējāwǐlē May, 2011– ), is an editor and administrator on the English Wikipedia.[1] He is a member of various WikiProjects, including WikiProject Religion and WikiProject Latter Day Saint movement. Adjwilley occasionally performs WikiGnome tasks, reverts vandalism, makes requested edits, and blocks the occasional sockpuppet, but also tends to get involved in long term dispute resolution.[citation needed] Adjwilley also enjoys editing articles, when he finds the time. Jamie was here LOL

Adjwilley has been involved in controversy, which we should mention here because notable controversy should always be mentioned in a lead section. One of Adjwilley's pet peeves is when people tack random factoids onto the end of the Lead because they couldn't be bothered to take an extra minute to work it into a relevant place in the article body.


Adjwilley created a Wikipedia account on July 10, 2006,[2] but didn't begin editing actively editing until about May 2011.[citation needed] Initially he made a fair number of newbie mistakes, such as using talk pages as draft spaces or sandboxes for editing articles, but gradually started figuring stuff out by reading links on a Welcome template he added to his own talk page.[3] He still has the habit of using sandboxes as draft spaces.

In July 2013 Adjwilley became an administrator.[4]

In December 2013 Adjwilley had about 8,000 edits to the various namespaces.


Adjwilley tends to edit articles about religion, science, and music, in that order. He also edits random articles on subjects he is researching.

Adjwilley has expressed interest in methods of resolving disputes, and has said that sticking closely to Wikipedia policy helps. He also sometimes adopts a Socratic type approach to disagreements, asking people questions until he can understand their point of view.

Adjwilley reads more than he writes and is known for watching the pages of other users and reading the archives of old talk pages.


Adjwilley's editing is extremely problematic.[5] He rarely cites Wikipedia policy, and when he does, he misunderstands it. His edits are POV, and he stalks people. He is also not transparent in his communication, and likes to send people abusive emails. Adjwilley is also an edit warrior.[6] In 2012 he was reported at WP:ANEW for edit warring.[7]

Sock puppetry[edit]

In 2014 there was a controversial rumor that Adjwilley is a sockpuppet of User:Jimbo.[8][9][10]


In 2014 Adjwilley was part of a 3-admin panel that closed a move review at Hillary Rodham Clinton that caused a considerable amount of controversy.[citation needed]

Unknown views[edit]

We're not sure what Adjwilley's views are on sex, religion and politics, but we're pretty sure they're controversial.[11]

Short subsections[edit]

Adjwilley dislikes short, single-paragraph subsections, a position that has caused some controversy.[12]


Sandbox 0 (Mormons)

Sandbox 1 (Matthew Bowman)

Sandbox 2 (Excerpts from sources on the First Vision)

Sandbox 3 (Joseph Smith)

Sandbox 4 (Musical settings of Dies Irae)

Sandbox 6 (PCPDTBT)

Sandbox 7 (Silicate perovskite)

Sandbox 8 (Links to various Google books)

Sandbox 9 (Micah True)

Sandbox 10 (Draft space)

Sandbox 11 (Islam infobox)

Useful tools and links[edit]

Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement



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