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If you are here to comment or complain about one of my edits, please leave a message on my talk page.

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Sometime in 2004, I began reading Wikipedia and making very minor (a handful of typos & grammatical errors) IP edits. In April 2006, I registered and continued with the minor edits, but soon after that the Wiki-bug bit. For the next couple months I did a lot of work for WikiProject The Simpsons, cleaning up and organizing not only the articles but the project itself. I also enjoyed patrolling recent changes for vandalism. The second half of 2006, and most of 2007, found me wasting my life away in Azeroth, and I admittedly didn't pay much attention to Wikipedia.

When I returned to active editing in 2008, I found less of a need for me at recent changes patrolling, due to the number of bots active (as well as scripts like Huggle and Twinkle) that were not active in 2006, so I began working in the other areas of Wikipedia. I started patrolling and helping with new articles, and enjoyed that much more than the vandalism patrol due to the chance to help new editors. I also continued to have a semi-active role in a few semi-active WikiProjects.

In 2010, I was forced to take a Wiki-break due to a very busy work schedule and other unforeseeable circumstances in real life. Since then, and as of April 2015, I still edit on a semi-active basis. I watch the articles that I created (my watchlist is my browser's 'home' page), and occasionally find a typo on an article I am reading, or some other random article.

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