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Northern Constellations – Book 3[edit]

Cepheus (constellation)
List of stars in Cepheus
16 Cephei
19 Cephei
2 Ursae Minoris
3C 61.1
Alpha Cephei
Beta Cephei
Cave Nebula
Cepheus XR-1
Delta Cephei
Epsilon Cephei
Eta Cephei
Gamma Cephei
Gamma Cephei Ab
HD 1
HD 206267
HD 239710
HIP 105766
HR 9038
IC 469
Iota Cephei
Iris Nebula
Kappa Cephei
Kruger 60
Lambda Cephei
Mu Cephei
NGC 40
NGC 188
NGC 3293
NGC 6946
NGC 7129
NGC 7142
NGC 7354
NGC 7510
NGC 7538
NGC 7822
Nu Cephei
Omicron Cephei
Palomar 1
Pi Cephei
Rho2 Cephei
SSTGFLS J222557+601148
T Cephei
Theta Cephei
V Cephei
V354 Cephei
V381 Cephei
VV Cephei
VW Cephei
W Cephei
WZ Cephei
Xi Cephei
Zeta Cephei
Coma Berenices
List of stars in Coma Berenices
Alpha Comae Berenices
SDSS J130114+2743
Beta Comae Berenices
Black Eye Galaxy
Coma Berenices (dwarf galaxy)
Coma Berenicids
Coma Cluster
Coma Star Cluster
Coma Supercluster
FK Comae Berenices
Gamma Comae Berenices
Gliese 505
Great Diamond
HD 107146
HD 108874
HD 108874 b
HD 108874 c
HD 114762
HD 114762 b
M94 Group
Malin 1
Messier 53
Messier 85
Messier 88
Messier 91
Messier 98
Messier 99
Messier 100
Mice Galaxies
NGC 4308
NGC 4314
NGC 4323
NGC 4414
NGC 4448
NGC 4450
NGC 4555
NGC 4559
NGC 4565
NGC 4631 Group
NGC 4710
NGC 4725
NGC 4881
NGC 4889
NGC 4921
NGC 5838
SN 1901B
SN 1914A
SN 1959E
SN 1960R
SN 1979C
SN 2005ap
SN 2006X
Virgo Cluster
List of stars in Corona Borealis
Corona Borealis
Abell 2142
Alpha Coronae Borealis
Beta Coronae Borealis
Kappa Coronae Borealis
Kappa Coronae Borealis b
R Coronae Borealis
Rho Coronae Borealis
Rho Coronae Borealis b
S Coronae Borealis
T Coronae Borealis
List of stars in Cygnus
Cygnus (constellation)
16 Cygni
16 Cygni Bb
39 Cygni
3C 438
52 Cygni
61 Cygni
8 Cygni
AFGL 2591
Chi Cygni
Crescent Nebula
Cyg OB2 -8A
Cygnus A
Cygnus Loop
Cygnus OB2-12
Cygnus Superbubble
Cygnus X-1
Cygnus X-2
Cygnus X-3
Cygnus X-4
Cygnus X-6
Cygnus X-7
Cygnus X-ray ring
Cygnus XR-2
Cygnus XR-3
Cygnus XR-4
Delta Cygni
Egg Nebula
Epsilon Cygni
Eta Cygni
Gamma Cygni
GJ 1245
Gliese 777
Gliese 777 b
Gliese 777 c
Gliese 806
HD 185269
HD 185269 b
HD 187123 b
HD 187123 c
HD 188753
HD 197036
HD 197167
HD 197488
HD 203857
IC 5146
KY Cygni
Lynds 1014
Messier 29
Messier 39
NGC 6819
NGC 6866
NGC 6884
NGC 7008
NGC 7048
North America Nebula
Omega² Cygni
Omicron2 Cygni
P Cygni
Pelican Nebula
Pi1 Cygni
Pi2 Cygni
Psi Cygni
Pulsar kicks
Sadr Region
SAO 49910
SAO 49921
SAO 49936
SAO 49951
SAO 49986
SAO 49991
SAO 49997
SAO 50004
SS 433
Tau Cygni
Theta Cygni
Tulip Nebula
V1057 Cygni
V1500 Cygni
V1668 Cygni
V1974 Cygni
V476 Cygni
Veil Nebula
WR 136
Zeta Cygni
List of stars in Delphinus
18 Delphini
18 Delphini b
Alpha Delphini
Beta Delphini
Delta Delphini
Epsilon Delphini
Gamma Delphini
HD 195019
HD 195019 b
HD 196885
HD 196885 Ab
NGC 6934
NGC 7006
Rho Aquilae
Draco (constellation)
List of stars in Draco
26 Draconis
2M 1237+6526
3C 249.1
3C 305
3C 371
3C 390.3
3C 401
42 Draconis
42 Draconis b
Abell 2218
AG Draconis
Beta Draconis
BY Draconis
Cat's Eye Nebula
Chi Draconis
CM Draconis
Delta Draconis
Draco Dwarf
Epsilon Draconis
Eta Draconis
Gamma Draconis
GJ 742
Gliese 687
GRB 110328A
GSC 03549-02811
HD 139357
HD 139357 b
HD 158633
HD 167042
HD 167042 b
HIP 56948
Iota Draconis
Iota Draconis b
Kappa Draconis
Lambda Draconis
List of nearest stars
Mother Camels
Mu Draconis
UGC 11066
NGC 4121
NGC 4125
NGC 4236
NGC 4319
NGC 5866
NGC 5866 Group
NGC 5879
NGC 5907
NGC 6340
Nu Draconis
Omicron Draconis
Phi Draconis
Psi Draconis
Sigma Draconis
SN 2005B
List of the star names in Draco
Struve 2398
Tadpole Galaxy
Theta Draconis
Xi Draconis
Zeta Draconis
List of stars in Equuleus
Alpha Equulei
Beta Equulei
Delta Equulei
HD 200964
Gemini (constellation)
List of stars in Gemini
2MASS 0532+8246
2MASS 0727+1710
37 Geminorum
Alderaan (astronomy)
BG Geminorum
Castor (star)
Delta Geminorum
DM Geminorum
DN Geminorum
Epsilon Geminorum
Eskimo Nebula
Eta Geminorum
Gamma Geminorum
HD 139691
HD 50554
HD 50554 b
HD 59686
HD 59686 b
IC 443
IC 444
Iota Geminorum
Kappa Geminorum
Lambda Geminorum
Medusa Nebula
Messier 35
Mu Geminorum
NGC 2129
NGC 2158
NGC 2355
NGC 2371-2
Pollux (star)
Pollux b
Tau Geminorum
Theta Geminorum
U Geminorum
Xi Geminorum
Zeta Geminorum
Hercules (constellation)
List of stars in Hercules
14 Herculis
14 Herculis b
14 Herculis c
45 Herculis
72 Herculis
89 Herculis
Abell 39
Alpha Herculis
AM Herculis
Arp 272
BD +17° 3248
Beta Herculis
Delta Herculis
DQ Herculis
Epsilon Herculis
Eta Herculis
Gamma Herculis
GD 358
GD 362
Gliese 623
Gliese 638
Gliese 649
Gliese 649 b
GSC 02620-00648
GSC 03089-00929
HD 147506
HD 149026
HD 149026 b
HD 154345
HD 154345 b
HD 155358
HD 155358 b
HD 155358 c
HD 156668
HD 156668 b
HD 164922
HD 164922 b
Hercules (dwarf galaxy)
Hercules X-1
HR 6806
Iota Herculis
Kappa Herculis
Lambda Herculis
Messier 13
Messier 92
Mu Herculis
NGC 6210
Omega Herculis
PGC 214560
Pi Herculis
Quasar J1819+3845
Tau Herculids
Tau Herculis
Theta Herculis
V446 Herculis
V533 Herculis
V838 Herculis
Xi Herculis
Zeta Herculis
List of stars in Lacerta
11 Lacertae
3C 449
ADS 16402
Alpha Lacertae
Beta Lacertae
BL Lacertae
CP Lacertae
DI Lacertae
DK Lacertae
EV Lacertae
NGC 7243
QSO B0038+328