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I mostly create or contribute to articles that relate to motorsport. I sometimes contribute to articles about history, art and artists, post-war military aviation, and cycling. I sometimes make minor edits to improve grammar, punctuation and phrasing if I happen to spot something. I also keep an eye open for articles that need maintenance of some kind. I try to not to worry about edit counts, but if you do, feel free to click here. My enthusiasm for editing has diminished significantly in the past few months and I no longer contribute regularly.

In the past, I have regularly contributed to help pages, such as NCH and EA/R, and to deletion discussions, but no longer do so. I have at times been active in discussions at the Village Pump and related content in the Wikipedia talk namespace. Observing and taking part in the development process helps to create a better understanding of the end results. I have been asked whether I would consider requesting adminship – the short answer is no, unless there is a significant change in the system. I think that the bureaucrats should be able to offer admin status on a trial basis to any good experienced editor of their choosing, but that has been proposed before and went nowhere.

I favour Deletionism and Immediatism – I like to see new articles made as complete as reasonably possible, with proper referencing. By definition, an encyclopædia should be comprehensive, but it does not have to be complete in its coverage and that means that we do not need an article about every street, bus route, band, film, or other similarly inconsequential things. If an article passes that threshold, but does not meet the standard of verifiability, then it still does not belong here. Accurate and verifiable material is important to the success (or failure) of Wikipedia as a respected and trusted tertiary information resource. If it is to reach its full potential, Wikipedia needs more reliable and neutral material and more good or featured articles. WP is too soft on unverified content.

WikiProject involvement

Former projects include WikiProject Motorsport, motorsport portal, WikiProject World Rally and WikiProject Formula One. Some of my article contributions have been connected to WikiProject Cycling.

Random flurries of activity

Creations Notable edits

Jamie Green - Racing driver
Sauber C20 - Formula 1 chassis
Sauber C12 - Formula 1 chassis
Mario Illien - Swiss engineer
F3 Euroseries seasons 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007
German F3 Championship
Formula Three Sudamericana
Pastor Maldonado - Racing driver
Ferrari Challenge - Racing series
Mygale - Chassis constructor
Pages in the WP namespace:
Editor assistance FAQ
{{Infobox racing driver}}
{{Infobox rally driver}}
{{Infobox sport governing body}}
{{Infobox motorsport championship}}
{{Motorsport formula}}

Formula 3 Euroseries GA (previous diff)
Brian Hart - Motorsport engineer
Asian Formula 3 Championship
British Racing Drivers' Club
Formula BMW GA (previous diff)
Spanish Formula 3 Championship
Mercedes-Benz: Formula 3
Team Rosberg - Touring car team
Trident Racing - GP2 team
John Tomac - Cycling legend (previous diff)
Oliver Turvey - Racing driver
Super 1600 - Rally car formula
Edgar Yaeger - American painter
Ricardo Risatti - Racing driver
Motor Sports Association
Formula racing
Roberto Colciago - Racing driver
British Formula 3 Championship
Eric Hélary - Racing driver


I cannot claim to have contributed to any of these, but they are some of my favourite oddities, mostly from the extensive list at Wikipedia:Unusual articles:

Cosmic latteButtered cat paradoxVoynich manuscriptAcetylseryltyrosylseryliso...serineProject PigeonInfinite monkey theoremThagomizerPhantom time hypothesisFlat Earth SocietyLion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den


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