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August 2006 Flinders Street Station.jpgThis user comes from Melbourne.
For starting and making awesome contributions to Suburbs of Canberra, I, fuddlemark, hereby award you this barnstar. I trust you shall use it for good, and not for evil.


I used to edit Wikipedia some time ago but haven't been active for a few years.

My wikipedia interests included:

  • aviation - particularly commercial airlines and civilian airports.
  • towns and cities
  • politics and geo-politics
  • transport
  • any combination of the above

I used to be a member of the Canberra, Brisbane and Airports projects.

Photos I uploaded: County Court of Victoria Australian Treasury building Brisbane CityCat Old Melbourne Gaol Brisbane Powerhouse Brisbane Powerhouse again Queenslander (house) and another one and another one Regatta Hotel, Brisbane Russell St Police HQ Toowong Tuggeranong a few pics of Ainslie, ACT and Dickson ACT and other places around Canberra.

My Contributions

Pages I find useful from time to time: Info on Canberra suburbs:

interesting pages:


Licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, and nothing else