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Middle Ages
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You shouldn't have let this user press all those buttons.
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in Art song.
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\relative c'' {
  \new PianoStaff <<
    \new Staff { \clef treble \key b \minor \time 3/4 \dynamicUp
                 b16( d cis e d8 b cis ais) | b8( d16) r16 <fis, ais cis>2^> | b8( d16) r16  <fis, ais cis>2^> | 
    \new Staff { \clef bass   \key b \minor \time 3/4 \dynamicUp
                 <b,, fis'>2.\pp | <b fis'> | <b fis'> | 
Der Leiermann

Every silver lining has a cloud

Hullo clouds, hullo sky

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