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Saturday, 23 March
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Hello Wiki!
I'm back you all!

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The Insane NEVER explain themselves!

About Aeon[edit]

I've been a member of Wikipedia since August 2005. Most of my work started out in Anti-Vandalism and then branched out into Mediation, AMA work, and also getting into AfD discussions. I do my best to contribute to the articles with minor edits and typo fixes.

If you need a good image for a Wikithanks then click on my WikiThanks Images Link for one.

Also if you're coming here to vandalize my page, DON'T!.

Also If I reverted you by mistake or warned you needlessly please assume good faith and let me know so I don't do it again.

I have one sockpuppet (Inactive and will never be used again) that was going to be used for Anti-Vandalism and Minor Edits (Typos and such like Alphachimps Sock). I however abandoned this idea in favor of having all my edits on one account. Don't worry I have no intentions of using said account to violate Wikipedia Policy.

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