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Aggie80's Ukulele.JPG
Background information
Also known as The Ukulele Dude
Born United States
Occupation(s) Attorney-at-law
Instruments Ukulele
Associated acts Motor City Ukes
Website The Ukulele Dude
Notable instruments

Talsma Custom Concert
Ohana - SK35-GS
Lyon & Healy - Washburn 702 (pictured above)

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The Ukulele Dude[edit]

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An avid ukulele player, I have contributed to a dozen or more articles related to the instrument, gotten a number created, and plan on providing many more! I have had the honor of meeting, listening, and learning from some of the top ukulele players in the world and have studied the history carefully. I have created a book called Unlock Your Ukulele that shares seven years worth of workshops and reading into a handy reference for the ukulele player. You can see more of it at The Ukulele Dude.

I consider myself a jack-of-all trades and master of some.

I have a very large collection of memorabilia regarding Gladys Swarthout, a distant relative, and my online biography of her is the primary reference for the material in her article here on Wikipedia. I also maintain a website on the Swarthout family with history and genealogical information.

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To Create[edit]

To Improve:[edit]

  • Arthur Godfrey Add section to indicate the importance to the instrument ref History/Golden Age. Arthur Godfrey and his Ukulele TV show 4 April 1950 to 6/30/1950 15 minutes of instruction.
  • Langley Ukulele Ensemble Improve and provide references
  • Billy "Uke" Scott - Add references

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