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Aggie80's Ukulele.JPG
Background information
Also known as The Ukulele Dude
Born United States
Occupation(s) Attorney-at-law
Instruments Ukulele
Associated acts Motor City Ukes
Website The Ukulele Dude
Notable instruments

Talsma Custom Concert
Ohana - SK35-GS
Lyon & Healy - Washburn 702 (pictured above)

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The Ukulele Dude[edit]

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An avid ukulele player, I have contributed to a dozen or more articles related to the instrument, gotten a number created, and plan on providing many more! I have had the honor of meeting, listening, and learning from some of the top ukulele players in the world and have studied the history carefully. You can see much of it at The Ukulele Dude.

I consider myself a jack-of-all trades and master of some.

I have a very large collection of memorabilia regarding Gladys Swarthout, a distant relative, and my online biography of her is the primary reference for the material in her article. I also maintain a website on the Swarthout family with history and genealogical information.

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To Create[edit]

To Improve:[edit]

  • Arthur Godfrey Add section to indicate the importance to the instrument ref History/Golden Age. Arthur Godfrey and his Ukulele TV show 4 April 1950 to 6/30/1950 15 minutes of instruction.
  • Langley Ukulele Ensemble Improve and provide references
  • Billy "Uke" Scott - Add references

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