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The correct name for the body of water between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula is Persian Gulf.[edit]

Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
This barnstar is awarded for your Operation Entebbe edits in June which cited verifiable, authoritative sources and for your persistence and civility in answering the repeated and unwarranted challenges to those edits. DieWeisseRose 07:51, 3 August 2007 (UTC)

About me[edit]

I am told that I might be "form [sic] Pakistan" [1].

I am told that I may live in Iran. [2]

I am told that I am Arab and have 'made a Persian ID on wikipedia, and try to suggest myself as a "rational Persian."' [3]

I am told that I am part of a group of "players that are being supported by some political groups!!!"[4]

I am told that I receive "arab dollars" in order to include Arabian Gulf in the lead of the Persian Gulf article. [5]

Wise words[edit]

Some interesting statements I have ran into during my travels here. Feel free to add or remove your own.

  • "All in all, I get along with everyone."--Patchouli
  • "I am the most unbiased editor."--Patchouli [6]
  • See link for greater context: "You are a dissident yourself. You are disagreeing with the facts. Please read the article on honesty since you call everything POV and OR."--Patchouli [7]
  • I quote his entire post: "This is obviously an Issue of National Security for The United States of America. Disinformation is allowed, and expected, for Our Safety. Therefore any documents you may think you have are suspect, and do not meet the bar for reliable sources on wikipedia." Aschoeff
  • "No, I was a bit tipsy when I wrote that." Aschoeff
  • "Yeah, I agree it was a dumb argument. I just like DJ Khaled A lot"--Y5nthon5a [8]
  • "Churchill used for any mischievous person in oral folklore"--Alborz Fallah [9]
  • "I will create a thousand user names so you cannot band [sic] me, so you will have to deal with this crap no matter what you do!" --KnightTemplar48 [10]
  • "Yes I am aware of the Persian Gulf issue. There are other people in wikipedia dealing with that."--Babakexorramdin [11]
  • Justification by the creator of a hideous drawing for showcasing his work at the Richard Perle article: "rv. Do not remove information unless you can provide better one." [12]