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    Forever hoping that Justin Bieber never opens up a winery so that I won't have to deal with Bieber-related wine articles


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    Who am I? Well I am a wiki-oenophile who works mostly on wine articles as part of the Wine Project. My goal is to help improve the quality of Wikipedia's wine articles to where they become a worthwhile resource for wine beginners and enthusiast alike. It also wouldn't hurt to get the Project mentioned in Wine Spectator either.

    As of January 1st, 2014, I have created 841 non-redirect articles nearly all wine related. If you add redirects that number jumps to 11,963. (Hey, wine grapes have a lot of synonyms :P) Some of my personal favorites among the articles I've created include:

    Articles that I didn't originally create but have either completely rewrote or substantially edited include:

    Notes from people smarter than me[edit]

    • "”Nothing is ever lost by courtesy. It is the cheapest of the pleasures costs nothing and conveys much. It pleases him who gives and him who receives, and thus, like mercy, it is twice blessed.”" - Erastus Wiman
    • "Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." - Carl Jung
    • "Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever." - Aristophanes
    • "Here's to the corkscrew - a useful key to unlock the storehouse of wit, the treasury of laughter, the front door of fellowship, and the gate of pleasant folly." - Percy French

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    Other Interests[edit]

    • Baseball
    • Politics (Though I do try to avoid some of the bickering and contentious stuff on Wiki)
    • History in general
    • European Royal Families
    • Christian Apologetics & Theology (In particular Lutheran History)

    Possible annoying behaviors[edit]

    • I'm a horrible typist and will make silly typos often. I try to catch what I can but I'm certain to miss a few.
    • I'm not as up to snuff on wiki code to make things look as crisp and nice as they can. Feel free to clean up anything I do.
    • I'm becoming more and more a stickler for sources. While I'll try not to dive off the cliff into overkill, I will poke my nose into a few things to request some source citations.

    Thinking inside the box[edit]


    Things to do[edit]


    Wine Lists[edit]

    To Do-- Work on categorizing and better organizing wine related articles.

    Wiki stuff[edit]

    My views on the City, State debates at Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions (settlements)

    Good Article Criteria

    1. It is well written.

    2. It is factually accurate and verifiable.

    3. It is broad in its coverage.

    4. It follows the neutral point of view policy

    5. It is stable

    6. It contains images, where possible, to illustrate the topic.

    Some GA thoughts....

    • On a good lead An important distinction between an encyclopedic article and a news or magazine article is that we don't need to "build anything up" for the reader-no suspense or plot development. Rather we lay everything out in the beginning and then go into more detail and development below. With a good lead, a reader should know the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of the article before they even get to the TOC.


    Articles that I have contributed to either by creation, expansion or nomination. See Wikipedia:WikiProject Wine/right panel for more wine-related DYKs

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