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The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani
Type Private
Established 2007
Chairman Barham Salih
Provost Dr. Athanasios Moulakis
Rector Steven Mallott[1]
Administrative staff
Students 850[2]
Location Sulaimani, Iraq
Campus Urban 400 acres

Dark Blue and Gold

Nickname AUIS
Sports Football (Soccer) , Basketball , Ping Pong
Mascot Eagle

The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, also known as AUIS, is a private, non-profit university that offers a liberal arts education based on the American model.[3] First established in October 2007, it is located in the city of Sulaimani in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.[3] The university offers six undergraduate majors namely: Business Administration, English Journalism, General Engineering, Information Technology, International Studies, and Mechanical Engineering, and an Executive MBA program.[3][4]

All instruction at AUIS is in English, and all language instructors are native English speakers.[5] The institution is licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Kurdistan Regional Government of the Republic of Iraq.[5]

In June 2010, AUIS received a full, five-year accreditation by the American Academy for Liberal Education, a former U.S. Department of Education-approved agency.[6][5]


In 2001, Kurdish businessman Dana Qashani set out to establish an institution dedicated to offering a truly comprehensive, American-style education in Iraq.[3][5] He sought to create a university where talented students in Iraq and the region would come to learn, regardless of origin or affiliation.[7]


The Board of Trustees is the official governing body of The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani.[5][8] It establishes policies for, and oversees, the University and its management and operations.[8][5] It is composed of prominent Iraqi and American leaders from across the government, business, non-profit, and education sectors.[8]

Undergraduate programs[edit]

AUIS currently offers the following undergraduate degrees:

Graduate programs[edit]

AUIS offers an Executive MBA program through its Professional Development Institute.[1][8]


Former campus[edit]

AUIS was first located in a temporary campus in the heart of Sulaimani.[8] The campus consisted of about 50 temporary classrooms and offices built near a main administrative building, which housed the university's cafeteria, library, and several large classrooms.[8] As of 2012, the former campus is an admission campus.[8]

Students outside the former main administrative building at the university.

Current campus[edit]

The new AUIS campus is partly under construction, and is located just outside the city limits of Sulaimani.[9] The AUIS academic building opened in October 2011 while its administrative building opened in the spring semester of 2012.[8][9] Moreover, the new student dorm facilities opened in November 2012.[1][8]


The university welcomed its first undergraduate class in October 2007, which was composed of 45 students (all Iraqi Kurds, Arabs and Turkomen).[8] These students enrolled in the university's English Writing Program and Language Institute, a two-year course designed to bring students to an adequate level of English that will allow them to succeed at the academic level.[10]

In the beginning of year 2010 up to 2011, the university had over 520 students enrolled in the undergraduate program. The university has plans to reach 5,000 students by the year 2021.[11]

The University "aims to produce graduates who will be indispensable [to Iraq]... as well as socially responsible entrepreneurs. The students are expected to engage in community-service projects." [10]


In 2009, CounterPunch ran an article by former English instructor Mark Grueter who stated that the university functioned more as a political tool than as an educational institution.[12]

In 2011, noted the university's link to President George W. Bush through Donald Rumsfeld protegee, John Agresto.[13]

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