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The city boy has gone country (again). I feel like Eva Gabor.
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You'll typically find me editing/creating articles related to historical buildings, sculptures, and biographies. I usually stick to articles covering Washington, D.C., Virginia, and North Carolina topics. When I'm bored, you'll find me patrolling recent changes, reporting spam and vandals, and voting for featured pictures. Feel free to ask me a question regarding my edits or to let me know how you durrin.


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Joel Lane House - Mordecai House - Pope House Museum - Cherry Hospital - Yates Mill - Page-Walker Hotel - Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel - Pullen Park Carousel - Raleigh Water Tower - Raleigh Convention Center - Masonic Temple Building, Fayetteville Street (Raleigh, North Carolina) - Montfort Hall - Clarence LightnerSymbol question.svg - Soleil Center - Ritcher House - Federal Building (Raleigh, North Carolina) - St. Paul A.M.E. Church (Raleigh, North Carolina)Symbol question.svg - State Bank of North Carolina - Estey Hall - Leonard Hall (Shaw University)Symbol question.svg - Henry L. Kamphoefner House - Pullen Memorial Baptist Church (w/LadyofShalott)Symbol question.svg - Peace College Main BuildingSymbol question.svg - Long View CenterSymbol question.svg - Old Stone House (Washington, D.C.)Symbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svg - Depot Historic District (Raleigh, North Carolina) - James Mangum House - Bennett Bunn Plantation - Rogers-Whitaker-Haywood House - Apex Union Depot - Apex Historic DistrictSymbol question.svg - St. John's Metropolitan Community Church - Halo (bar) - Buffalo City, North CarolinaSymbol question.svg - Orton PlantationSymbol question.svg - Temple of Israel (Wilmington, North Carolina) - St. Philip's Church RuinsSymbol question.svg - Brunswick Town, North CarolinaSymbol question.svg - John Paul Jones Memorial - Hotel Monaco WashingtonSymbol question.svg - Thomas T. Gaff HouseSymbol question.svg - Topaz HotelSymbol question.svg - Embassy of Uzbekistan in Washington, D.C.Symbol question.svg - Kennedy-Warren Apartment BuildingSymbol question.svg - Whynot, North Carolina - Daniel Webster MemorialSymbol question.svg - Embassy of Australia in Washington, D.C.Symbol question.svg - David Stuart (diplomat) - Ben ShearerSymbol question.svg - Dennis Richardson (diplomat) - Phase 1 (bar) - L. Ron Hubbard HouseSymbol question.svg - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting (expanded)Symbol question.svg - Latrobe GateSymbol question.svg - Oak Hill Cemetery Chapel (Washington, D.C.) (expanded)Symbol question.svg - Building 170 - Betsey Wright (expanded) - Taxpayer March on WashingtonSymbol question.svg - Northumberland Apartments - Public Policy Polling - Barack Obama "Joker" poster (expanded) - People of Walmart - David Huebner - Cake WrecksSymbol question.svg - Wenlock and Mandeville - Diego's Hair SalonSymbol question.svg - Lime Green Icicle TowerSymbol question.svg - St. Thomas Chapel (expanded)Symbol question.svg - Zalmon Richards - Abraham Lincoln (Flannery)Symbol support vote.svg (expanded) - Lot Flannery - The Founders of the Daughters of the American Revolution - United States Institute of Peace HeadquartersSymbol support vote.svg - Mary Greenhow Lee (expanded) - Family Drive-In Theatre - Willa Cather Birthplace (expanded) - General Philip SheridanSymbol support vote.svg (expanded) - China Grove (Oriental, North Carolina) (expanded) - Baxter Clock (expanded) - Herring House - Dempsey Wood House - Harmony Hall (Kinston, North Carolina) - Major General George Henry ThomasSymbol support vote.svg (expanded) - Andrews-Duncan House - St. Mary's Chapel (Raleigh, North Carolina) (expanded) - Taras Shevchenko MemorialSymbol support vote.svg - Arthur B. Heaton - Unitarian Universalist Church of ArlingtonSymbol support vote.svg (expanded) - Jay Fisette - Abram's Delight (expanded) - Gladstone and Hawarden Apartment Buildings - George S. Cooper - Handley Library (expanded) - Mount Vernon Triangle - Julius Germuiller - Appleton P. Clark, Jr. - Laughlin Phillips - Dupont Circle FountainSymbol support vote.svg (expanded) - Major General George B. McClellanSymbol support vote.svg (expanded) - Brevet Lt. General Winfield ScottSymbol support vote.svg (expanded) - General John A. RawlinsSymbol support vote.svg (expanded) - Samuel Hahnemann MonumentSymbol support vote.svg (expanded) - Admiral David G. FarragutSymbol support vote.svg (expanded) - George Gordon Meade MemorialSymbol support vote.svg (expanded) - Major General John A. LoganSymbol support vote.svg (expanded)


Battle of Morrisville - Lenoir Memorial Hospital - East Raleigh-South Park Historic District - Rev. M.L. Latta House - Agriculture Building - Azariah Southworth - Fayetteville Street Historic District - West Raleigh Historic District - Maiden Lane Historic District - Hayes Barton Historic District - Glenwood-Brooklyn Historic District - Bloomsbury Historic District - Lumsden-Boone Building - Willis M. Graves House - La Grange Historic District (North Carolina) - La Grange Presbyterian Church - Oaky Grove - Frank and Mary Smith House - Turner and Amelia Smith House - Perry Farm - Davis-Adcock Store - George and Neva Barbee House - Wakelon School - Charlotte Forten Grimke House - Wayland E. Poole House - Cannady-Brogden Farm - Hood-Anderson Farm - Forestville Baptist Church - New Hill Historic District - Samuel Bartley Holleman House - Dr. Thomas H. Avera House - Harmony Plantation - Riley Hill School - Sunnyside (Wendell, North Carolina) - Wendell Commercial Historic District - Dr. Lawrence Branch Young House - Green-Hartsfield House - Heartsfield-Perry Farm - Brunswick Town Historic District - Smithville Township, Brunswick County, North Carolina - Moore Square Historic District - North Carolina Religious Coalition for Marriage Equality (w/LadyofShalott) - Hotel Palomar Washington - Hotel George (Washington, D.C.) - Hotel Rouge - Princeville School - Embassy of Portugal in Washington, D.C. - Embassy of Colombia in Washington, D.C. - Embassy of Senegal in Washington, D.C. - Embassy of Albania in Washington, D.C.- Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Washington, D.C. - White House Conference Center - Madison Place - Amadou Lamine Ba - African Diplomatic Corps - Embassy of Mali in Washington, D.C. - Abdoulaye Diop (100th article/stub created) - Embassy of Cameroon in Washington, D.C. - Embassy of Serbia in Washington, D.C. - Connecticut Avenue Bridge over Klingle Valley - Building at 3901 Connecticut Ave., NW - Erect, North Carolina - Wardman Row - Walsh Stable - Apartment Building at 2225 N Street‎ - Embassy of Jamaica in Washington, D.C. - Belizean Grove - Route 36 (bar) - Michael Graczyk

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