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I tend to focus on historic buildings and sculptures in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and North Carolina, but you'll find me writing articles on random topics I find interesting. If you find grammatical errors in my articles, then I'm not all. (#sorryboutit) I do my best. When I'm bored, I review recent changes and new articles, report vandals, and get rid of spam.

Feel free to ask me a question regarding my edits or to let me know how you durrin.


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Joel Lane House - Mordecai House - Pope House Museum - Cherry Hospital - Yates Mill - Page-Walker Hotel - Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel - Pullen Park Carousel - Raleigh Water Tower - Raleigh Convention Center - Masonic Temple Building, Fayetteville Street (Raleigh, North Carolina) - Montfort Hall - Clarence LightnerSymbol question.svg - Soleil Center - Ritcher House - Federal Building (Raleigh, North Carolina) - St. Paul A.M.E. Church (Raleigh, North Carolina)Symbol question.svg - State Bank of North Carolina - Estey Hall - Leonard Hall (Shaw University)Symbol question.svg - Henry L. Kamphoefner House - Pullen Memorial Baptist Church (w/LadyofShalott)Symbol question.svg - Peace College Main BuildingSymbol question.svg - Long View CenterSymbol question.svg - Old Stone House (Washington, D.C.)Symbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svg - Depot Historic District (Raleigh, North Carolina) - James Mangum House - Bennett Bunn Plantation - Rogers-Whitaker-Haywood House - Apex Union Depot - Apex Historic DistrictSymbol question.svg - St. John's Metropolitan Community Church - Halo (bar) - Buffalo City, North CarolinaSymbol question.svg - Orton PlantationSymbol question.svg - Temple of Israel (Wilmington, North Carolina) - St. Philip's Church RuinsSymbol question.svg - Brunswick Town, North CarolinaSymbol question.svg - John Paul Jones Memorial - Hotel Monaco WashingtonSymbol question.svg - Thomas T. Gaff HouseSymbol question.svg - Topaz HotelSymbol question.svg - Embassy of Uzbekistan in Washington, D.C.Symbol question.svg - Kennedy-Warren Apartment BuildingSymbol question.svg - Whynot, North Carolina - Daniel Webster MemorialSymbol question.svg - Embassy of Australia in Washington, D.C.Symbol question.svg - David Stuart (diplomat) - Ben ShearerSymbol question.svg - Dennis Richardson (diplomat) - Phase 1 (bar) - L. Ron Hubbard HouseSymbol question.svg - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting Symbol question.svg - Latrobe GateSymbol question.svg - Oak Hill Cemetery Chapel (Washington, D.C.) Symbol question.svg - Building 170 - Betsey Wright - Taxpayer March on WashingtonSymbol question.svg - Northumberland Apartments - Public Policy Polling - Barack Obama "Joker" poster - People of Walmart - David Huebner - Cake WrecksSymbol question.svg - Wenlock and Mandeville - Diego's Hair SalonSymbol question.svg - Lime Green Icicle TowerSymbol question.svg - St. Thomas Chapel Symbol question.svg - Zalmon Richards - Abraham Lincoln (Flannery)Symbol support vote.svg - Lot Flannery - The Founders of the Daughters of the American Revolution - United States Institute of Peace HeadquartersSymbol support vote.svg - Mary Greenhow Lee - Family Drive-In Theatre - Willa Cather Birthplace - General Philip SheridanSymbol support vote.svg - China Grove (Oriental, North Carolina) - Baxter Clock - Herring House - Dempsey Wood House - Harmony Hall (Kinston, North Carolina) - Major General George Henry ThomasSymbol support vote.svg - Andrews-Duncan House - St. Mary's Chapel (Raleigh, North Carolina) - Taras Shevchenko MemorialSymbol support vote.svg - Arthur B. Heaton - Unitarian Universalist Church of ArlingtonSymbol support vote.svg - Jay Fisette - Abram's Delight - Gladstone and Hawarden Apartment Buildings - George S. Cooper - Handley Library - Mount Vernon Triangle - Julius Germuiller - Appleton P. Clark, Jr. - Laughlin Phillips - Dupont Circle FountainSymbol support vote.svg - Major General George B. McClellanSymbol support vote.svg - Brevet Lt. General Winfield ScottSymbol support vote.svg - General John A. RawlinsSymbol support vote.svg - Samuel Hahnemann MonumentSymbol support vote.svg - Admiral David G. Farragut (Ream statue)Symbol support vote.svg - George Gordon Meade MemorialSymbol support vote.svg - Major General John A. LoganSymbol support vote.svg - O Street Market (w/Tim1965)Symbol support vote.svg - Stephenson Grand Army of the Republic MemorialSymbol support vote.svg - Brigadier General Albert PikeSymbol support vote.svg - The Son of a Migrant from Syria - Hopewell High School ComplexSymbol support vote.svg - The Veiled Nun - Stewart's Castle - Pillar of Fire (sculpture) - Kramerbooks & Afterwords


Battle of Morrisville - Lenoir Memorial Hospital - East Raleigh-South Park Historic District - Rev. M.L. Latta House - Agriculture Building - Azariah Southworth - Fayetteville Street Historic District - West Raleigh Historic District - Maiden Lane Historic District - Hayes Barton Historic District - Glenwood-Brooklyn Historic District - Bloomsbury Historic District - Lumsden-Boone Building - Willis M. Graves House - La Grange Historic District (North Carolina) - La Grange Presbyterian Church - Oaky Grove - Frank and Mary Smith House - Turner and Amelia Smith House - Perry Farm - Davis-Adcock Store - George and Neva Barbee House - Wakelon School - Charlotte Forten Grimke House - Wayland E. Poole House - Cannady-Brogden Farm - Hood-Anderson Farm - Forestville Baptist Church - New Hill Historic District - Samuel Bartley Holleman House - Dr. Thomas H. Avera House - Harmony Plantation - Riley Hill School - Sunnyside (Wendell, North Carolina) - Wendell Commercial Historic District - Dr. Lawrence Branch Young House - Green-Hartsfield House - Heartsfield-Perry Farm - Brunswick Town Historic District - Smithville Township, Brunswick County, North Carolina - Moore Square Historic District - North Carolina Religious Coalition for Marriage Equality (w/LadyofShalott) - Hotel Palomar Washington - Hotel George (Washington, D.C.) - Hotel Rouge - Princeville School - Embassy of Portugal in Washington, D.C. - Embassy of Colombia in Washington, D.C. - Embassy of Senegal in Washington, D.C. - Embassy of Albania in Washington, D.C.- Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Washington, D.C. - White House Conference Center - Madison Place - Amadou Lamine Ba - African Diplomatic Corps - Embassy of Mali in Washington, D.C. - Abdoulaye Diop (100th article/stub created) - Embassy of Cameroon in Washington, D.C. - Embassy of Serbia in Washington, D.C. - Connecticut Avenue Bridge over Klingle Valley - Building at 3901 Connecticut Ave., NW - Erect, North Carolina - Wardman Row - Walsh Stable - Apartment Building at 2225 N Street‎ - Embassy of Jamaica in Washington, D.C. - Belizean Grove - Route 36 (bar) - Michael Graczyk

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