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— Deep Thoughts —

Agtfjott/Jeblad can be found on one of the wikipedias for the nordic countries (no, nn, sv) or at (commons) or (meta). At the toolserver you will also find me as Agtfjott. Within a day or two I should wisit most of them.

Lately I use much of my time on the norwegian wikipedia were I'm an admin. You will most likely find me there.

For the demo of the alternate template for category text, see User:Agtfjott/Categorymagic

Various user pages Special:Prefixindex/User:Agtfjott, various user scripts Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/User-script manager

If something I do, can be done better, feel free! But if you're a troll, well, norwegians know how to handle trolls! =p

Breaking news:

Tarantino is going to produce Mr Blades next movie, Kill Troll Vol. 3

John Erling Blad (no) 07:17, 11 January 2006 (UTC)

Strange stuff[edit]


Categories where most of my picture resides. My photos are tagged Photo by John Erling Blad in some variation.


Gallery of various images in english Wikipedia. There are a links underneath the picture if they are used. This is a manually made link for my own purpose, otherwise check usage of the image through What links here on the image page.

Note that I do have more images from each location, I just don't upload more than necessary.



Not yet uploaded, working on it!

  • Hedal stave church
  • Bautahaugen Samlinger






Not yet uploded, working on it!

  • Mjøssamlingene
  • The bridges at Minnesund
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