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TYRO GYN PHI T G Φ - The history of the fraternity was traced back on [October 7, 1987] when Bro. Poly “Gaga” Carpio together with the Seven (7) Fathers perceived the rapid changes of the country after the 1986 EDSA Revolution [1] which was the biggest mass demonstration in the history of the Philippines which led to the downfall of the authoritarian regime of President Ferdinand Marcos and the installation of Corazon Aquino as president of the Republic. The political progress was made in revitalizing democratic institutions and respect for civil liberties which led into the creation of TYRO GYN PHI or otherwise known as “THE BEGINNING OF GOODWILL FRATERNITY & SORORITY” [2] at Baliwasan Chico, Baliwasan Grande, Zamboanga City [3], Philippines [4]. The fraternity was conceptualized to be a preliminary point in creating a better and well rounded organization of men and women who were ready to accept any challenges in life for the sake of the fraternity & the country. From the start of its inception, the group was composed of professionals & students who initially took trial leap in propagating the principles of the fraternity. The fraternity was able to capture the minds and hearts of the studentry of Zamboanga City wherein later on became the core defense of the fraternity during the transition period from a small group into a full pledge organization.


The unique ideals of the TYRO GYN PHI reverberated and escalated in all areas of Zamboanga peninsula [5] to include Basilan[6] Sulu [7] and Tawi-Tawi Provinces [8] which later on became the identified basin of fraternity. A member of TYRO GYN PHI is famously called a “TYRONIAN”. A Tyronian replicates the true essence of the fraternity by internalizing the written pillars and principles of the fraternity in order to achieve the major goal of individual members for the good of the organization.

Battle Cry of the Fraternity[edit]

The EDSA Revolution became the known battle cry of the TYRO GYN PHI in seeking political changes of the country from a dictatorship into a democratic institution wherein the rights of the people were given much emphasis and significance, as what the TYRO GYN PHI has lived up with the fraternity prime motto of “Every Tyronian stand with its own feet, fight with its own hands, live and die with its own dignity”. The motto has boldly shown the combating spirit of the fraternity in search for a genuine and comprehensible way of living that will generate the collective efforts of men and women of the country in reaching for a prosperous and conducive environment.

Distinct Traditions[edit]

One of the distinct tradition of the TYRO GYN PHI SIGMA being followed today as part of its sacred ritual was the burning of coin, when heated, the coin perched on the left upper shoulder of a member causing to inflict a wound that will remain a forever mark into the body of a Tyronian which signifies his/her perpetual attachment to the TYRO GYN PHI SIGMA’s way of life: “Once a TYRONIAN will always remained a loyal TYRONIAN”.


TYRO GYN PHI SIGMA was created to be the grassroots of service oriented fraternity in respect with the goodwill intention and common orientation of the organization in developing a corps of men and women that has a fear on God, well-discipline, courageous and has love to his/her country without any reservation and personal interest. Members of the fraternity, particularly, the Alumni [9] are engrossed with the community services and school based projects to promote the fraternity’s prime ideals.

Seal of the Fraternity[edit]

TRI-ARROW – Represents the triangular integrity of the fraternity’s Three (3) Laws (Country, International & Universal Laws) in which every single TYRONIAN abided in order to promote the principles of the organization to its highest standard.

GYRATING GOLDEN YELLOW CIRCLE - Symbolizes the unity and solidarity of the fraternity & sorority towards one common goal.

GYRATING RED CIRCLE - Symbolizes the braveness and firmness of the fraternity & sorority towards any given task.

YEAR 1987 – Represents the foundation of the fraternity on October 7, 1987.

TYRO GYN PHI – Represents the fraternity itself.

NON EST NOBIS SOLUM (Latin) – Represents one of its principles in guiding the fraternity’s way of life.


We pledge solemnly, to the creator of heaven and earth to the constitution of our nation, being a bonafide member of the TYRO GYN PHI SIGMA FRATERNITY AND SORORITY to protect the organization as well as my fellow brothers and sisters at all caused, by the seal of the honorable organization I service my self to the citizens of this country, to help the needy and the weak. Through this, I was ordered and was baptized by the fire of obedience and secrecy, by blood and my virtue of my pledge is sealed in my mind and in my soul and its my life time pledge, to honor God, my Country, my Organization and my People and so be it.

Life of Tyronians (Tiger Ways) [edit]

The ability to survive despite of chaos and hardship; it has the ability to incorporate with others; a fierce ally to protect its den from predators; and has the ability to defend its self when provoked. The unique quality of a TIGER is a distinction of a life of TYRONIANS: a fierce blooded and intelligent mankind which compliments the entire organization that “Lives by the Rules and Dies by the Rules”.

From its Inception[edit]

Since 1987, TYRO GYN PHI has maintained a proud tradition of creating and perpetuating brotherhood for good men coast to coast. Dedicated Alumni have long preserved and enriched the tradition with a vision for the future that exemplifies the experience of the past. Through the years, many brothers have noted that TYRO GYN PHI has made significant contributions early in their lives. With gratitude, these members have remained loyal and are supportive of the fraternity’s future. The fraternity exists to create a bridge between all men & women committed in seeking the social advancement of under represented populations. The seed of the organization has been planted and the need became clear for a formal structure to contain the mutual feelings among members. The TYRONIANS' SOCIETY has always been and always will be an organization steeped in the traditions of the past and dedicated to the pursuit of Brotherhood & Sisterhood. The organization is made up of men & women from all cultures, religious backgrounds and interests; it has spread throughout the Philippine archipelago as TYRO GYN PHI or otherwise known as The Beginning of Goodwill Fraternity & Sorority. The fraternity does not discriminate and/or distinguish on the basis of race, disability, creed, political beliefs. The fraternity maintains its ultimate tradition to be loyal and unity in order to achieve its prime goals.


Poly "Gaga" Carpio (+)

Founding Members[edit]

Bing Bong Bernardo - Member of the Famous Seven Fathers, Alpha Chapter

Fred Salazar - Member of the Famous Seven Fathers, Alpha Chapter

Previous Grand Council[edit]

Mariel Garganera - 1991-1996

Russell Muyuela - 1996-1997

Richard Barrientos - 1997-2003

Dandy Dolocanog - 2003 to 2009

Kimhar Jawadin -2009-2010

Jayson Ramos -2011-present

Elected Board of Directors of Tyro Gyn Phi[edit]

Mariel Garganera

Mudzmar Presas (*responsible in seeking of the fraternity's registration at Security & Exchange Commission)

Victor Agustin

Reiner Yeo

Richard Barrientos

Genner Villanueva

Ferdinand Baliton

Arnel Toralba

Carreon Arenan

Bernard Camposanto

First Female Members (Tyro Gyn Sigma)[edit]

Milabel Jala

Evelyn Falcasantos

Beth Arcillas

Gennie Aquino

Madeline Bernardo

Concordia Aquino


Rommel Muyuela - Designer of Tri-Arrow Seal; Author of Password, Slogan & Motto; and Drafter of History

Fertie Ramirez - Designer of First TGP Website

Jefferson D. Adjarani - Grand Tyronians of Western Mindanao State University ( ALPHA NU) Chapter & the first Tyronians to be elected as President of Council of the Greeks of WMSU (the biggest confederation of fraternities & sororities in Z.C.) (He is the responsible in the pursuing of the recognition of WMSU Chapter and had given notable task to facilitate fellow Tyronians for WMSU Open Stage Modification project last 2004-2005 with MAPSE delegations.)

Notable Alumni[edit]


Poly "Gaga" Carpio (+) - Founder of the Fraternity, Former Employee of ZCWD, Alpha Chapter

Seven Founding Brothers

Ernidel “Bing-Bong” Bernardo

Almario “Rolly” Barjose

Vergilio “Raul” Carpio

Murphy “Nikko” Mani

Danilo “Danny” Acuna

Rudy “Dy” Enriquez

Norberto “Gugu” Carpio

Law Enforcers


Maj Vladimer Arcillas PA - Army Captain, Recipient of Military Merit Medal during campaign in Central Luzon, (Past Disciplinarian) Sigma Chi Chapter

TSg Federico Cocoy Tamaño PN(M)- Recipient of Military Merit Medal during campaign in Southern Mindanao, (Chapter?)

PO3 Russell Muyuela PN - Past Grand Council, Security Contingent of PGMA during UN Summit at NY, U.S.A., Sigma Chi Chapter

Sgt Boboy Elmido Jr PN(M) - Recipient of Gold Cross Medal during campaign in Mindanao, Lower Calarian Chapter

Sgt Chris Manuel PAF - Past Grand Tyro, WMSU Chapter and presently assigned with Sniper Team, Presidential Security Group

Cpl Joel Francisco PA - Presently assigned with Light Armor Coy, Presidential Security Group, Sigma Chi Chapter

PO3 Orly Mijarez PN - Recipient of Military Merit Medal during campaign in Southern/Central Luzon - Aboard PG38 (Cyclone Class), (Past GT) Sigma Chi Chapter

PO3 Genner Villanueva PN - Recipient of Military Merit Medal during campaign in Palawan, Ateneo Chapter

Cpl Richard Mijares PA - Recipient of Wounded Medal Award during encounter with the NPA in Quezon, Sigma Chi Chapter

Cpl Joel Miranda PN(M) - Recipient of Bronse Cross Medal during campaign in Southern Mindanao, Sigma Chi Chapter

Cpl Michael Las Piñas PN(M) - Recipient of Military Merit Medal during campaign in Palawan/Southern Mindanao, (Chapter?)

Cpl Allan Mangrubang PN(M) - Recipient of Military Merit Medal during campaign in Southern Mindanao, Sigma Chi Chapter

SSg Gerzon Bitangcor PN(M) - Recipient of Military Merit Medal during campaign in Southern Mindanao, Sigma Chi Chapter

A1C Ryan Mazo PAF - Airmen, Presently Assigned with the Philippine Air Force, (Chapter?)

A1C Alih Obispo PAF - Presently Assigned with the Philippine Air Force, Sigma Chi Chapter

PO3 Julius Mole PN - Assigned with NAVFORCESWEST- Palawan, Lower Calarian Chapter


PSSUPT. William Gadayan - PCO, Philippine National Police Academy Class '99. Basilan Chapter

SPO4 Nonoy Tuballa - PNCO, Philippine National Police, founder of Gate 1 Chapter, Upper Calarian, ZC.

SPO1 Alvin Perez - PNCO,Philippine National Police, Zamboanga City Police Office (Region IX), (Chapter?)

SPO1 Ferdinand Baliton - PNCO, Philippine National Police, Sibugay Provincial Police Office, (Chapter?)

SPO1 Bernard Camposanto - PNCO, Philippine National Police, Cavite City Police Office, Lower Calarian Chapter

PO3 Jason Tubo Oh - PNCO, Philippine National Police, University of Mindanao Chapter, Davao Del Sur

PO2 Allan Ventajar - PNCO, Philippine National Police, Ateneo de Zamboanga University, (Past GT) Sigma Chi

PO2 Dean R. Bawi - PNCO, Philippine National Police , (Past Disciplinarian 2006) Alpha Nu (WMSU) Chapter

PO1 Radzki P. Tawasil - PNCO, Philippine National Police,City High West chapter batch '91

PO1 Jojie Smith J. Sampang - PNCO, Philippine National Police - Special Action Force, Universidad de Zamboanga / Gate - 1 Chapter

PO1 Jefferson D. Adjarani - PNCO, Philippine National Police, (Past Grand Tyronians 2004 - 2009) Alpha Nu (WMSU) Chapter

PO1 Zayna D. Garceniego - PNCO, Philippine National Police, Alpha Nu (WMSU)Chapter

PO1 Den Mark Ipanto - PNCO, Philippine National Police, Divisoria Chapter

PO1 Rolando Andagao - PNCO, Philippine National Police, WMSU-ESU Pagadian Chapter

PO1 Catherine Pabayos - PNCO, Philippine National Police, former over-all Grand lady, Western Mindanao State University / San Jose Gusu Chapter


ASAN Rizaldy Año USN - US Navy Sailor (Aboard CVN 69 Dwight Eisenhower (Carrier Class), Presently Assigned at Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.A., Gamma Rho Chapter

ASAN Blee Damalario USN - US Navy Sailor, Presently Assigned at Okinawa, Japan (Chapter?)


Joey Ponce - Member of Philippine Team (Baseball), (Chapter?)

Marlou Garganera - Member of Philippie Team (Muay Thai), Kappa Omicron Capter

Richard Bardenas - Member of Philippine Team (Baseball), (Chapter?)

Michael Macrohon - Former member of Philippine Bronco Team (Baseball) who won the 1989 Little League Baseball Championship in California, U.S.A.


Rainer Yeo - Businessman/Owner, Yeo Paint Trade Center, Ateneo Chapter

Dominic Rey "Nikki" Eustaqio Lim - Member, Board of Directors of Universidad De Zamboanga (formerly ZAEC)[Part Owner of U de Z], Tetuan Chapter

Government Employee/Local Official

Atty Samuel Mariano - Legal Counsel, Zamboanga City Hall, Ateneo de Zamboanga University

Dandy Dolocanog - Government Employee, City Treasurer Office, Z.C. (Chapter?)

Eduardo P. Olano Jr.-College Instructor(JHCSC)/Gov't Employee,Mun. Planning & Dev't Office,LGU-Vincenzo Sagun,Zamboanga del Sur & Author of Beta Omega Chapter (Vincenzo Sagun,ZDS) & Pagadian City Chapter History, (Lambda Chapter-SMC College,Pagadian City)

Hon. Jung-Jung Alicaycay - Elected Barangay Kagawad of Upper Calarian, Z.C., Sigma Chi Chapter

Private Firm

Jason Agravante - Financial Loan Institution, Makati City, Sigma Chi Chapter

Chapters Founded Outside Zamboanga City, Philippines[edit]

1. Isabela City, Basilan, Philippines

2. Lamitan, Basilan, Philippines

3. Pagadian, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

4. Margusatubig, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

5. Molave, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

6. Vitali, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

7. Zamboanga Sibugay Province, Philippines

8. Dipolog, Zamboanga Del Norte, Philippines

9. Jolo, Sulu, Philippines

10. Bongao, Tawi-Tawi, Philippines

11. Dumaguete, Philippines

12. Tagum, Davao, Philippines

13. Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

14. Bukidnon, Philippines

15. Samar, Philippines

16. Cebu, Philippines

17. Manila (Alumni), Philippines

18. Sabah, Malaysia

19. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

20. Vancouver, Canada

21.Vincenzo Sagun,Zamboanga del Sur

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