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I started working on both Wikipedia articles and Wikibooks on the fall of 2004. I take part in these projects primarily for three reasons. First to contribute what knowledge and editing skills that I have to the community at large. Second to learn, I always enjoy learning more about topics that I thought I knew a great deal about before. Third I have come to realize that these projects are a good way for me to keep my writing and editing skills fresh.

Generally I mostly work on, and watch articles related to:

I also work on the WikiProject for RSoF.

Conflict of Interest Notice[edit]

In keeping with the COI Policy I am publicly stating that I am an employee of the American Friends Service Committee, and that I intend make edits to that page. I will make every effort to maintain a neutral point of view in those edits and defer to the community when conflict emerges. Please feel free to point out either on my talk page or the American Friends Service Committee talk page if you believe I have overstepped.

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For boldly removing redundant text, from the article on The Religious Society of Friends and making it all the more readable during a crazy editing spree Paul Carpenter 15:04, 2 March 2007 (UTC)
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