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Born 1975 (41 years old)
Name in real life Aubrey
Nationality American
Current location Puerto Rico
Account statistics
Joined 2001 (15 years ago)

My name is Aubrey and I'm a pathological liar. I have been editing Wikipedia since 2001 and have had, and still have, several accounts listed under the list of Wikipedians by article count.

Feel free to contact me for any reason. However, beforehand:

  1. assume good faith
  2. be bold
  3. ignore all rules


I arrived to Wikipedia in 2001 while looking for information about the military of the United States and ended up polishing many articles related to the subject. I can't remember the IP address from which I edited nor my original account since that's something that happened 15 years ago. Since then I have focused on creating articles rather than on polishing them. As a Wikipedia veteran and a First Settler, I'm very familiarized with Wikipedia's history and evolution, including its rules, policies, guidelines, and essays.

I have had several accounts on Wikipedia, this one not being the first, because I move around a lot and forget my password since I have to disconnect off Wikipedia due to real life.

I was one of the voices that was strongly against the creation and existence of Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee believing that Wikipedia already has the necessary tools to resolve conflict without an internal policing body. Unfortunately, due to the nature of democracy and its voting representation, we couldn't block its creation.


It seems that most Wikipedians today are focused on tagging, polling, voting, reverting, criticizing, bureaucratizing, and politicizing on Wikipedia rather than on actually creating or polishing content. As a consequence of that, I have written an essay against the provision of persistent user identities on Wikipedia; something that I believe is unnecessary and detrimental to Wikipedia's success.

I'm an extreme inclusionist, believing that Wikipedia is better by including content rather than deleting it. I strongly believe that the only reason why an article should be deleted is because it violates the law or because it's holding a place for a move. If people want to write an article about their milkman then that's fine since Wikipedia is not a paper encyclopedia and is not limited, theoretically, on its capacity. As long as the article doesn't violate any law there's no harm in keeping it, although it will probably be an orphan and that's more than fine.

I'm also very familiarized with Wikipedia's policy on consensus and its stand on not being a democracy nor a bureacracy, constantly reminding people that Wikipedia's policy on consensus is just that, a policy rather than a rule, and that Wikipedia's five pillars and its ignore all rules stand above all else.

I strongly believe in assuming good faith, being bold, and ignoring all rules but it seems that most people today prefer to take things personal, boost their ego by feeling they have won an argument, or go on a witchhunt rather than improving Wikipedia.


I'm mostly focused on creating and polishing content related to the executive and legislative branch of the government of Puerto Rico. If you need help on that topic please feel free to contact me on my talk page; I'm probably one of the best subject matter experts on Wikipedia regarding that matter.[neutrality is disputed][citation needed] If not, you can always contact the guys at WikiProject Puerto Rico.

In my spare time I have had and still help in the development of Wikipedia's future by contributing to its rules, policies, guidelines, and essays.