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I am a German originally from Hemer but now living in Aachen. I have a diploma in physics, but now I work as a programmer, mostly using the Delphi programming language.

However most of my editing is now around Thailand topics (Thailand topics [1]). I started the WikiProject Thai provinces, thus most of the Provinces of Thailand are at least partially edited by myself. Right now the districts of Thailand (Amphoe changes) are my main field of contributions. I have now also created a blog at, dealing with my work on all the administrative subdivisions, especially about the things which I cannot put into an article yet.

I am showing all signs of a serious case of Wikipediholism. I guess most of my edits are small edits such as fixing interwiki links, spelling mistakes, cleaning up editing experiments or vandalism. Since I joined in January 2003 [2] I have reached 100,000 edits on January 14 2008.

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As part of the WikiProject German districts I created about half of the articles on German districts, but the most important articles are about districts and cities around my old and new home:

Incomplete list of other topics I started or made significant contributions, or am otherwise proud of

To do

From Wikipedia:2004_Encyclopedia_topics: Rafflesiales - Phra Nakhon - Trailok - Darwin's Frog
From List of Asia-related topics: Manhattan Incident (maybe a disambig page first) - Phra Pathom Chedi - Student Uprising of 1973 (Thailand) - Chit Phumisak
Amphoe maps which need fixing Uttaradit (southern boundary between Ban Khok and Fak Tha), Chiang Rai (eastern boundary between Doi Luang and Chiang Saen), Khon Kaen (creation of Wiang Kao), Satun (parts of Palian assigned to Thung Wa), Lopburi (several changes, need verification)
Category:Amphoe without coordinates


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How I got mentioned in the New York Times

Tired by the persistent vandalism of the George W. Bush article prior to election day, especially the sneaking in of "Vote Kerry" messages into the protected article, I wrote on the talk page: And hopefully once the elections are over this article won't be the prime vandalism target anymore. [3] I had no hidden meaning of that sentence in mind when I wrote it. This was apparently noticed by a New York Times editor, who then quoted me in a squib on weasel talking: about foreign admins: "One administrator, a German computer programmer, wrote.. [4] [5] (authorization required). Honestly, I didn't intend that sentence to say Hopefully after the election John Kerry will be the prime vandalism target - but it fits with my opinion that he would have been the better choice. How could the NY times guy guess that a German would be no fan of GWB? :)

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