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Lighthouses in the United States

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It might be here stated that the only lighthouses on the river prior to 1840 were Stony Point light, Esopus Meadows light, Rondout light, Saugerties light, Four-Mile Point light, Stuyvesant light, Coxsackie light.

HISTORY OF American Steam Navigation BY JOHN H. MORRISON. W. F. SAMETZ & CO., bre. 1908 pg 46

Daboll Trumpet added to Execution Rock Light Jan 25, 1869 pg 579

 Montauk Point Light May 1, 1873

Siren added to Little Gull Light Dec 15, 1869 Eatons Neck Light July 1871

More on Little Gull Light on pg 585

On the night of May 12th, 1881, about midnight, the Galatea, a propeller of the New York and Providence line,

bound through Long Island Sound from Providence, Rhode Island, was grounded in a dead calm and a dense fog on Little Gull Island, about one-eighth of a mile from and behind the fog signal, and got off two days later without damage. It was, as usual, alleged that the fog signal, a steam siren, at Little Gull Light, was not in operation at the time of the accident, and the Light-House Board immediately ordered an investigation. This was made by the assistant inspector of the lighthouse district, a naval officer, who reported that after taking the sworn evidence of the light keepers at Little Gull and the other light stations within hearing distance, of other government officers who were for the time being so located that they might have had knowledge of the facts, and of the officers of vessels that were within ear-shot, including those of the "Galatea," he reached the conclusion that the fog signal was sounding at the time of the accident; and that, although the fog signal was heard at Mystic, 15 miles distant in another direction, and although it was heard on a steam tug a mile beyond the "Galatea," that it was heard faintly, if not at all, on that vessel; and if heard at all, was so heard as to be mis·leading, though the "Galatea" was 'but one-eighth of a mile from the source of the sound."


French Ensor Chadwick performed the tests

NY times, Don't Believe your Ears, Feb 22, 1891

NY times, "The Propeller Galatea Ashore", May 14, 1881


The materials contained in this series are related to the Light-House Board. President Fillmore established the Light-House Board in 1852. It was at this time that Henry was appointed be a part of the Board. He continued to serve the Board in various capacities until the time of his death in May 1878. Henry did experimental and test work regarding light, sound, and fog signals, and lard and sperm oils. His Light-House Board work, along with other materials and letters, are contained in this series.

NHLPA Pilot Program [2]

Spanish American War

354. Old Orchard Shoal, New York.-Some 200 tons of riprap were furnished and placed for the protection of the site. The light WIll temporarily discontinued on April 28, 1898, as a war measure. Repaira were made. 355. Romer Shoal, New York.-On Decembe; 29, 1897, the Board revoked its order of November 18, 1897, for the establishment of the acetylene light at this station. On May 5, 1898, plalls were approved for the removal of the old beacon, the erection of a new iron tower and the eEltablishment of a permanent light and fog signal to repl~ the compressed gas lighting apparatns. COli tract was maue for the work, to be finished in September, 1898• . 357. Elm Tree Beacon, New Yor1c.-The light was temporarily discontinued on April 28, 1898, as a. war measure. 35~. New Dorp Beacon, New York.-The light was temporarily discontmued on April 28, 1898, as a. war measure. 360, 361. Erut Bank gas-lighted buoys Nos. 2 4 and 6.-These buoVll were tem 'I d' . , , r porar! y Iscontmued on April2i:S 1898 as a war measure . 362. eonleylas nd, New York.-This lig"ht was temporarily dise.on. tinued on April 28 1808 . J OJ, as a war measure. Uepalrs were made.

Gedney, Thomas R. Midshipman, 4 March, 1815. Lieutenant, 13 January, 1825. Commander, 8 September, 1841. Died 30 November, 1857.


Army and Navy Chronicle By Benjamin Homans Published by T. Barnard, 1837 Item notes: v.4-5 1837

pg 357

- The Naval Magazine By United States Naval Lyceum Published by United States Naval Lyceum, J. S. Taylor, 1837 Item notes: v.2 no.6 1837 pg 598


Lake Ontario

Seaway Trail

Seaway Trail Lighthouses

Seaway Trail Pennsylvania:

New York State's Seaway Trail:

Erie Land Lighthouse; Presque Isle; Pres Isle North Pierhead; Barcelona Lighthouse; Dunkirk Lighthouse, Buffalo Harbor South; Buffalo Main Lighthouse, North Breakwater Lighthouse; Buffalo Bottle Light; Fort Niagara Lighthouse; Olcott Lighthouse; 30-Mile Point Lighthouse; Braddock Point Light (site); Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse; Sodus Point Lighthouse; Sodus Outer Lighthouse; Oswego West Pier Lighthouse; Selkirk Lighthouse; Stony Point Lighthouse; Sackets Harbor/Seaway Trail Discover Center; Tibbetts Point Lighthouse

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Buffalo Lights[edit]

I'm attempting to clean up some lighthouse pages. One of the set that I've delayed is the Buffalo Lights, they were kind of confusing. Different people using different names, they've moved, etc. I've just spent some time trying to understand them, and I think there is some additions and changes to be made. You created 3 pages that seem to be based on Coast Guard pages, and I think those pages are incorrect. I have found the Map to be of great use in understanding the Buffalo Harbor and its lights.

I'd suggest that

I'd suggest 7 pages for the 9 lights


Buffalo Table[edit]

Date Name Info ARLHS NRHP Rowlett LHF GPS Tower Description
1818 Buffalo Light (Main) First Light
1833 Buffalo Light (Main) Second Light 90 yes Buffalo Main Buffalo Main 42.8778 78.88952 61 upgraded in 1857 & 1905, deactivated in 1914
1856 Horshoe Reef 386 Horeshoe Reef Horseshoe Reef 42.88135 78.91512 50 mark approaches to Niagara
1908 Water Intake Crib 7-2670 1301 Buffalo Intake Crib Buffalo Intake Crib 42.87969 78.91218 60
1872 Breakwater Light Third Light 1300 42.878 78.899 Rebuilt in 1914, hit by a freighter in 1958, \"leaning lighthouse\"
1963 Buffalo Light (Main) Fourth & current light 7-2680 1299 Buffalo Harbor Outer Breakwater Buffalo Harbor 42.87067 78.90238 71 71ft tower, automated from beginning, 1997 characteristic changed from FL W to Alt FL G FL W
1903 North Bottle Light 1302 yes Buffalo North Breakwater Buffalo North Breakwater 42.877 N 78.890 W / 42.88045 78.89585 Move in 1985 to near 1833 light
1903 South Bottle Light 1310/091 yes Buffalo Harbor South Entrance North Side Buffalo South Entrance North Side 42.493 N 79.354 W/ 4283525 78.86744 Move to Dunkirk
1903 South Buffalo Light 7-2905 770 Buffalo Harbor South Entrance (South Buffalo) Buffalo South Entrance South Side 42.83369 78.86744 Stony Point, last automated, 1962

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