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AirOdyssey is a 30-year-old male Wikipedian living in Longueuil, Québec, Canada.


AirOdyssey was born in Peru in 1982 and moved to Canada with his family in 1989. Ever since his first trip on an airplane or nearly so, he has been fascinated by aviation. In the short term, he is not considering to work in that field, but his passion for this hobby is still very strong.

In 2003, he completed an undergraduate university degree (Bachelor of Arts) at the UQAM in journalism, with a specialization in German language and culture, part of it which was obtained in Berlin. He then completed an undergraduate degree in translation and now works in that field.



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Country Cities/Metro areas First visit
where I
 Peru Lima (place of birth) 1982
 United States New York, Newark, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington 1989
 Canada Montreal, Longueuil, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Quebec City, Ottawa,
Gatineau, Hamilton, Moncton, Charlottetown, Halifax
 Germany Kerpen, Cologne, Bonn, Berlin, Bacharach, Dresden, Potsdam,
Hamburg, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Munich, Leipzig, Werder, Düsseldorf,
Wuppertal, Linz am Rhein, Münster, Trier, Frankfurt
where I
spent days
 France Paris, Lyon 2000
  Switzerland Zürich, Lucerne 2003
 Italy Milan, Turin 2003
 Netherlands Maastricht, Amsterdam 2003
 Belgium Bruges, Brussels 2006
 Austria Vienna, Salzburg 2006
 Denmark Copenhagen, Billund 2008
 Ireland Dublin, Bray 2009
 United Kingdom London 2009
 Cuba Cayo Santa Maria 2012

Idea borrowed from Barneyboo, who borrowed it from Pelegius (...) who borrowed it from White Cat.


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