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User Information[edit]

Aiselne Drossel is the name of Tira's primary weapon from Soul Calibur III. I have only just begun to use this name on the internet
although the video game has been in circulation for a long time; I often go by the name jayK which was derived from my own name.
Or CoupletSpork; simply a portmanteau of two lined poetry and sporks which rightly obtained the pejoration CoupleDork hence me not using it any more.
I'm an overly organised school kid with optimal interest in grammar and British English with too much spare time.
My favourite haunts on Wiki are the Harry Potter pages and articles related to video games and the songs that I enjoy listening to;
though I'll edit almost everything that interests me. Despite this my time on the internet is ephermeral.

Pages Created:[edit]

Alice Chantrey
Born For This (Paramore Song)
Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon
My sandbox

Pages Contributed to:[edit]

Evanna Lynch
Hayden Panettiere
Human Nature (Doctor Who episode)
Luna Lovegood
Minor Harry Potter characters
Sam Grey
Tira (Soul Calibur)
Xin Dynasty


1st edit: Tira (Soul Calibur)
50th edit: Born For This (Paramore Song)
100th edit: Guan Ping

Countries I have been to[edit]

Continent Country
Europe: United Kingdom (England Scotland Wales)

Republic of Ireland Menorca France