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See also: The Wikipedia FAQK User:Ajbpearce/History of human rights

About me[edit]

Graduate Student studying human rights in London. My interests are primarily in: Human rights (in particular: privacy, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and information rights), the internet, public policy and related areas. My contributions to wikipedia primarily focuses on improving the coverage of wikipedia in these areas; though I also make contributions in many other areas that interest me. For example I have made small contributions to J. M. W. Turner, Clarence Birdseye and I'm currently reading with the intention of improving A Love Supreme

A note on citations[edit]

For articles that do not have consistent, well-formatted or easy to understand citations, I strongly favour the use of shortened footnotes. Particularly on more complex articles this allows a clear and human readable list of references to be generated.

A note to myself (and sympathetic editors)[edit]

Arguments about the governance and future direction of wikipedia are long, complex, intractable and filled with anosognosia. Spend your time here doing something productive by improving articles rather than by messing about with such angry trivialities.

Unusual or amusing articles[edit]

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