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Akash Kumar Patnaik is an Indian citizen, who was born on June 29,1995 in Naval Hospital KALYANI ,Visakhapatnam.Son Of Pramod Kumar Patnaik(Father) and Shantashree Patnaik(mother)He is From Odhissa, Rourkela.He can speak in English, Hindi, Oriya, Bangali, Telugu, Gujarati.

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Hobbies(or Talents) He is a very good dancer, plays guitar pretty good and can play any tune by hearing it (not taken any course).Very few people know that he does magic too.he knows musical instruments like guitar, piano, drums, flute,harmonium(mouth organ), bongo, congo.He is good in painting and drawing too, specially pencil sketching.He can copy the Late singer and dance performer Michael Jackson's(King Of Pop) voice and and his steps too, as already said he is a dancer.

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