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Hello, My name is Al[citation needed] (its a joke, lighten up). Foremost, I am a Christian. I believe that the Holy Ghost still provides Miracles to Glorify the name of Jesus Christ.

I am a non-active member of the IETF and belong to a small group of people that authored or co-authored a RFC. I worked on electronic mail issues in RFC 1505. The spec in this RFC were implemented my Prime Computer Corp and Microsoft. Later a different RFC was written that created MIME and this work was forgotten. In my mind to this date, MIME is a very unwieldy thing that does work but at a high cost.

I worked for Kean University in the State of New Jersey, and built a state of the art FDDI network (when they were state of the art). I left after being promoted Associate Directory of Computer Services and started a computer consulting company that became an ISP when I was not looking somehow. This is what I do to this day.

In regard to Wiki projects, If you see I screwed up something, please tell me how to improve my work.



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