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I"m Al Macintyre, currently residing and working in Evansville, SW corner of Indiana, USA. Traditionally, irrespective of individual communities, my interests include: Science Fiction; Simulation games; and topics from my profession, as a midrange systems computer programmer. I am also a news-junkie and book-a-holic.

:Disclaimer: any and all opinions expressed here are the opinions of AlMac (and any vandalism miscreants whose damage has not yet been repaired) and are not neccessarily endorsed nor held by the Wikipedia encyclopedia itself.

Plagarism warning: If I see an image I like anywhere on Wikipedia, and can figure out how to incorporate it on my user page, I will do so. But now I am holding off on this until the WP:AUM crisis is resolved sufficiently so that Image newbies like me have how-to instructions to fix what we've done with minimum of hassle.

I just got invited to Jury Duty, which I imagine will be a great addition to my continuing interesting life education. I do not yet know how much of that education I will be permitted to share with others ... confidentiality until case is over for example. I did not get selected. They asked really good questions, of the kind that belong here & in Yahoo Answers.

I extend my sympathies to the people of the region of the latest terrorist attacks,

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In the News

Theresa May in 2016
Theresa May
The Signpost
30 April 2019



My edit count:[edit]

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If we been away from Wikipedia for too long, we may need to revisit Wikipedia:Cheatsheet.

  • 2006 January 29 = 3400 edits on 340 pages,
    • 549 edits on articles, 1000 on project pages, 700 on User Talk pages, 470 on article talk pages
    • 450 pages being watched
    • most recent contributions to human extinction avoidance
  • 2006 January 21 = 3050 edits on 310 pages & 400 pages watched
    • 415 edits on articles, 435 on their talk pages, or approx 1/3 of my efforts here
    • 920 edits on project pages, 220 on their talk pages, and a handful on category pages, also aggregate about 1/3 of my focus
    • 385 edits on user pages, mainly mine, 675 on user talk pages ... lots of small byte do something, save so far
  • 2006 January 7 = 2600 edits on 250 pages & 300 pages watched
  • 2006 January 4 = 2500 edits on 215 pages & 250 pages watched
    • 15% Articles
    • 15% Article talk pages (seeking consensus)
    • 30% Projects (much more than I realized ... I suspect Wiki codes some stuff as Projects that I not realize as such ... how are the Help desks coded?)
    • 4% Project talk
    • 8% User (too much)
    • 25% User talk (too high ... I gotta spend higher proportion of my time here contributing to the encyclopaedia)
  • 2005 December = 2000 edits Christmas Eve
    • on 180 pages and recently only 100 pages watcched
      • (12 edits / page)
    • with 60 edits been deleted.
  • 2005 June 28 was wikiborn = Joined WP
One-ton weight.svgThis user has a ton of edits.

Season's Greetings[edit]

  • May 14 US postage rates go up
    • first class up to
    • 1 ounce = 41 cents
    • 2 = 50 cents
    • 3 = 75 cents
    • 3.5 = 92 cents
  • Thank God its Friday, on steroids.

Hopefully in the next year I will have time to contribute more here than I was able to do last year.

Field of Mars
An aerial view of the Field of Mars, a large park in central Saint Petersburg, Russia, pictured in 2016. It has an area of nearly 9 hectares (22 acres) and is named after Mars, the Roman god of war. The park's history goes back to the 18th century, when it was converted from bogland and named the Grand Meadow. Later, it was the setting for celebrations to mark Russia's victory over Sweden in the Great Northern War. Its next name, the Tsaritsyn Meadow, appears after the royal family commissioned Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli to build the Summer Palace for Empress Elizabeth. Towards the end of the 18th century, the park became a military drill ground, where monuments commemorating the victories of the Russian Army were erected and regular parades and military exercises took place. It became known as the Field of Mars during the reign of Paul I, becoming officially named such in 1805. After the February Revolution of 1917, the Field of Mars finally lost its significance as a military drill ground and became a memorial area, used to bury the revolution's honoured dead. In the summer of 1942, during World War II, it was completely covered with vegetable gardens to supply the besieged city, then known as Leningrad. An eternal flame was lit in the centre of the park in 1957, in memory of the victims of various wars and revolutions.Photograph credit: Andrew Shiva

Featured Article of the Day[edit]

The history of Aston Villa Football Club since 1961 includes a European Cup victory in 1982 and a loss in the 2018 English Football League Championship play-off Final. After a change of ownership and management for the club and successive relegations, they returned in the 1971–72 season to the Second Division as champions with a record 70 points. In 1974 Ron Saunders was appointed manager, and by 1975 he had led the club back into the First Division and into European competition. The club won the league in the 1980–81 season, and the European Cup final in the next season. They were one of the founding members of the Premier League in 1992, and finished runners-up to Manchester United in the inaugural season. They reached the FA Cup Final for the first time since 1957 in 2000. The arrival of a new manager and Randy Lerner as owner in 2006 marked the start of sweeping changes throughout the club. After several years of narrowly avoiding the drop, Villa were relegated at the end of the 2015–16 season. (Full article...)

Part of the Aston Villa F.C. series, one of Wikipedia's featured topics.

New Year Resolutions[edit]

  • Take a break from giving lip service to losing weight, and just enjoy life.

My activity[edit]

Heavily defined with the aid of userboxes. Where I give links to various WP articles about topics of interest to me, I have also been rather involved in editing many of those articles.


Userbox Concept[edit]

Wikipedia-logo.pngThis user recently discovered userboxes.
 This user prefers fix attempts over complaints of various sorts.

Userbox concept technique plagiarism from User:Ali K from User:Redvers with help from Wikipedia:Userboxes, assuming I can figure out how to work this concept (I not want wrap around vs. next sub-topic, nor do I want very wide pages, and I want the colors to be very readable to my aging eyes.).

Point of View[edit]

We all have a POV or bias on some topics, and need to be careful not to contaminate factual WP articles with our opinions.

Mad scientist.svgThis user is a mad scientist.

I identify with a collection of view points from different competing philosophies.

  • I share the libertarian view that we all need to be accountable for our actions.
  • I share the liberal view that we all have a responsibility to help our fellow humans with some kind of social safety net.
  • I share the conservative view that a nation ought to have a strong economy to pay for a strong military to protect itself.
  • I favor a variety of international efforts to make the world a better place for us all.


Stargate-earth-glyph.pngThis user is from the planet Earth.The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg
World citizen badge.svgThis user is a Citizen of the World (Terra, ).

Time CDT

Windup alarm clock.jpgThis user observes Daylight Saving Time.

Template:User expat Great Britain in US

Flag of Scotland.svgThis user is of Scottish ancestry
  • I reside and work in Evansville Indiana USA.  United States which is on Central daylight savings time ... I guess no user box yet for CDT time.
    • I have been selected for jury duty, which i expect will be an educational experience.
  • I got my college education in Cincinnati Ohio and Sacramento California.
  • I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, which is part of Great Britain, or United Kingdom.  United Kingdom

Who Am I?[edit]

This is from before joining WP. Much about me is subject to change. If I could, I would boycott death.

♂This user is male.
  • My e-mail MacWheel is a play on my surname.
  • My full name is Alister William Macintyre.
  • I sign my name with William shortened as Wm.
  • In the work place I am generally known as Al Macintyre.
    • Except for leg pullers who insist on using MacAlister, or some other variant.


Skills: Incomplete list
progThis user is a programmer.
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I work in the computer profession, currently programming ERP {version 405 CD of BPCS} on the IBM AS/400 operating system. At previous employers I have developed applications for: retail; wholesale; publishing; transportation. Sorry Y"all. I have been frenetically busy of late, so there has been a lapse in my contributions here.

Wiki WP Involvement[edit]

Community Projects
Fairytale messagebox info.pngThis user answers questions at the Help desk and Reference desk, occasionally asks some, and checks on New user needs, but is not yet good enough here for know-how competition.
Question book magnify2.svgThis user is a member of
Wikipedia's Help Project.
WikiProject Usability Icon.svgThis user is involved with the Usability Wiki ProjectAccesibility.png
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WikiProject Userboxes
Stargate-color.svgThis user is a member of the
Stargate Task force.

Note that I have joined some projects, and identified interests, but made significant contributions, in only a few areas, and I often manage to get over-committed.

I am interested in helping out with the Cyberlaw project. However, my cyberlaw know-how is that of spending many decades in the computer professional trenches, having had computer security responsibilities for about 40 years, and having no formal training in the law, and not a lot of academic credentials.

I've been a bit heavy with suggestions on many WP talk pages, while rather timid in actual article editing, other than where I tried to start new articles.

Computer Security[edit]

This is a major professional interest area, a great degree due to my career.

Book a holic[edit]

user book-a-holic Open book nae 02.png Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.png

Books disorganized
Postscript-viewer.svgThis user reads between the lines.

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svgThis user uses Wikipedia as a primary point of reference.

I have enjoyed reading Science Fiction since I was a pre-teenager, then branched out into other genres. My apartment has grown cluttered with many things, including looking like a section of a library. I started the Time travel in fiction article, which has exploded with numerous other contributors, and now there is a Category:Time travel in fiction.


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This user passed GO!
(…so where is my $200?)
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I enjoy many traditional games like Go (board game) and not so traditional, although it has been a while since I played some of them.

Time Travel Game Designer[edit]

I have designed a few Science Fiction Games, such as Time travel in fiction "Simulation". In my later life, I hope to put this stuff in the public domain, so that people can play my designs over the Internet. I have worked on the Time travel article and Time travel in fiction, in fact I started that secondary article, to split the growing content between the main article which presents Time travel as being factually plausible, and the Science Fiction perspective.

Remainder in re-write[edit]

This is how
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Userbox enhancement needs[edit]

There are several boxes I need to figure out how to revise, that are not precise mesh with my interests, just in the neighborhood.
Locate the template. For example, color combinations are hostile to my eyesight through the browser I have used. I have heard that some of my solutions are hostile to other eyes as seen by other eyes through other browsers.

Copy it to your page. Then revise it.

rpgThis user is an aficionado of role-playing games.

My interest in RPG is both Role Playing Games and the computer language Report Program Generator.

Gamepad.svg This user is addicted to the computer game, "Civilization".

Other Wiki Interests[edit]

Wiki places I been intermittently pretty active so far (this list is far from exhaustive), excluding those already mentioned elsewhere in this collection.

New ideas[edit]

{{| width="30%" align="center" style="border: 1px solid #6688AA; background-color:#efefef; padding:1em;" valign="top"| Portal of the Week}}

Why I love this place[edit]

Wikimood 04.png
[purge] [edit]

Let me count the ways.

High Ratio of Signal to Noise[edit]

Znak C-12.svgThis user finds edit/revert wars disruptive.

There are some problems, but proportionally small compared to some other Internet sites.

  • By Signal, I mean information that interests me.
  • By Noise, I mean people saying or writing stuff that gets in the way of me getting at the information I want to see.

Many discussion groups have a high ratio of noise to signal.

  • People misconstrue what we said (some deliberately), then attack what they say we said, which is not what we said.
  • There can be a lot of Deja Vu (didn't we have this conversation already?)

Massive Value[edit]

Main Page Usability.png

  • User:AlMac/Wiki Start Map explodes this so the individual details are readable, and here's the context from which I plagarized the diagram.
  • Lots of people have contributed information and links of great value, but there's lots more work to be done. We all can contribute to making a great service even greater.
User herostratus userpage graphic out of control.jpg

Al not yet figured out how to rename this as self, without copying the image.

Watch out for Correct Speech[edit]

Be bold!

Wiki Correct Speech takes a bit of getting used to.

  • Not just be nice
    • Be Very Nice
  • Be Bold
    • But also be neutral
    • and find ways to do emphasis on steroids without resorting to 4 letter words

High Focus on Truth[edit]

High Focus on Truth, without having to cite every assertiun in rigorous academic sense. Systems for resolving disputes when different volunteers cannot reach a peaceable settlement in this community. However, there is the risk that the concensus committee approach will occasionally design a camel in place of a race horse.

Useful External Links[edit]


enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.

(see how to do this) Al Mac repaired User:AlMac|(talk) 09:44, 20 December 2005 (UTC)

  1. Since you can read this page, thank a teacher.
  2. Since it is in English, and you have the freedom to get to it, thank a soldier.
  3. But keep an eye on politicians trying to regulate the Internet.
  4. and where some info seems to be gobbly gook, thank a spammer.