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Valerie Joy Miller is an American singer (spinto soprano) and actress in film, television, theater, recordings, concerts, and opera. She has won three Best Actress Awards from Woodminster Amphitheatre in Oakland, CA, and her recordings have appeared on feature film soundtracks, national and worldwide radio broadcasts, and New Age Voice Magazine's New Age Vocals chart.


Notable roles[edit]

Miller appeared in a recurring role for two seasons on the ABC daytime drama Santa Barbara and on the FOX series The Shell Game. She played the Coronor in TriVision Entertainment's A Doll In The Dark and starred in John Bransby's feature film The Merry Go Round Isn't Forever. At the Back Alley Theater in Los Angeles she starred in productions of A Talent To Amuse[1] and Bittersuite.[2] Miller appeared in The Man Of La Mancha[3] and starred in The Most Happy Fella, Camelot, Evita[4], The Sound of Music, and The Music Man at Woodminster Amphitheatre,[5] winning three Performer of The Year Awards.

Other roles[edit]

Miller's theater and film appearances in Los Angeles have included roles in My Fair Lady (Opera Pacific), and as Violetta in La Traviata, starring with Joseph Paur (Los Angeles Music Theater Opera), Fiordiligi in Cosi Fan Tutte (Los Angeles Music Theater Opera), the Mother in the opera Amahl And The Night Visitors (Director, Terry Dan), and lead roles in Divas, Villains, and Tenors (West Coast Opera, Annenberg Theater), and Three Divas (Valerie Miller Productions). In New York, Miller played Elizabetta in Don Carlo (Amato Opera) and played 300+ performances as Louisa in The Fantasticks (New York Theatre Company). In New York she also appeared in The Apple Tree, What’s A Nice Country Doing In A State Like This?, and Berlin To Broadway With Kurt Weill: A Musical Voyage (New York Theatre Company). Miller also starred in a San Francisco production of West Side Story. She was featured in the ABC television movie Our Family Honor and also played Blanch in the AFI feature film Paradise Is Closing Down.



Miller sang an operatic aria on the soundtrack of the Tom Cruise film All The Right Moves (20th Century Fox), and her vocal single Angels, released on Karen Mitchell's album Love Journeys, was ranked number six worldwide on New Age Voice Magazine's New Age Vocals chart. Angels was also included as the soundtrack of the AzureFire DVD production TV Screen Art: Angel Flowers[6]. Miller recorded the singing role of Wasp Woman in the 3-D animated feature film Heartstring Marionette[7](2012) by filmmaker M Dot Strange. Miller has also realesed the Classical-Crossover album Valerie (2014).

Notable concert appearances[edit]

Miller made 3 appearances as solo soprano at spiritist Divaldo Franco events on Feb 18, 19, and 20 in 2019 in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego California. She also performed her 2013 solo concert, entitled Concert At The Casa, for John of God (Joao de Deus) and an audience of 1,000 at his Casa De Dom Inacio in Adadiania, Brazil. She also performed with conductor Eric Whitacre in the Los Angeles Disney Hall choral performance, Paradise Lost[8](2011) and sang with the Peninsula Musical Arts Association (PMAA) choir at St. Peter's Basilica, The Vatican, in the choir performance Sing The Mass (2012). She was soloist in the gala concert The Passion of Italy at Basilica dei Santi Apostoli XII (the Basilica of The Twelve Apostles) in Rome, where her performance included the world premier of the song The Divine Mother's Prayer, with conductors Karen Kennedy and Paul Hurst (2012). Miller also sang three concert engagements of original art songs for the National Association of Composers/USA (NACUSA)[9][10], including works by Carol Worthey[11]and Adrienne Albert[12], at the MLK, Jr. Auditorium[13][14], Santa Monica, CA, the Donald Wright Auditorium[15], Pasadena, CA, and the Los Angeles Valley College Recital Hall[16], Valley Glen, CA (2009). She was soloist with the San Francisco Symphony in its Pops Series concert Cole Porter On Broadway, has performed as soloist with Bellflower Symphony, Los Angeles Theater Opera, Desert Opera, Opera Pacific, and has made regular appearances with Golden West Opera. In New York she sang in Berlin To Broadway With Kurt Weill: A Musical Voyage (New York Theatre Company).

Teaching / coaching[edit]

Miller has taught voice and acting classes at Valerie J Miller Studios, Los Angeles[17]and at Stella Adler Acting Academy in Hollywood, CA. Her students have been professionals in the film and television industry[18][19][20][21][22] [23][24][25][26][27] and in music[28].


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