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Alan Canon is a Wikipedian from Kentucky in the USA, who chooses to write of himself in the third person on his own User: page.

His areas of interest or of expertise include cave exploration, music, science, computers, the history and geography of Kentucky and film. With other members of the Cave Research Foundation, he is the most recent person to discover a natural entrance to the Mammoth Cave system. He is active in the Louisville performance scene, playing in acts such as Monkey Boy, a junkabilly band which plays music on home-made instruments, and Yodel-Duo-Du, a 1950s-1960s style song revue.


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James Graham Brown Henry A. Vogt Martha Ellison, educator

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Archimedes of Syracuse Charles Babbage Stephen Bishop Anthony Braxton James Callaghan Arthur C. Clarke Floyd Collins Blythe Danner Paul Dirac Diogenes of Sinope Jacques Derrida Jean Dubuffet Thomas Edison Sergei Eisenstein Michael Faraday Richard Feynman Stan Freberg Virgil I. Grissom Jean-Luc Godard Robert Goddard Bernard Herrmann Douglas R. Hofstadter Grace Hopper Hypatia of Alexandria Akira Ikufube Jean-François Lyotard Stanley Kubrick Tom Lehrer Ada Lovelace Christa McAuliffe Charles Mingus Ellison Onizuka Dorothy Parker Sun Ra Fred Rogers Leonard Rossiter William Schallert Nathan B. Stubblefield Andrei Tarkovsky Valentina Tereshkova Francois Truffaut Alan Mathison Turing Jules Verne H. G. Wells Leonard Wibberley Robert Wise Virginia Woolf

On Wikipedia[edit]

On the subject of Wikipedia, Canon has this to say.

I'm truly blown away by the idea of Wikipedia, and I can't wait to see how it develops. As a child, our World Book Encyclopedia (1959 in literature Edition) at home, and later the Encyclopedia Britannica at school, were sources of endless fascination and pleasure.

I'm also a fan of the Wikipedia guidelines and editorial policies and do my best to adhere to them: I take them very seriously from the NPOV requirements to considerations of English style and usage. I want my contributions to reflect this seriousness.

I am grateful to the several more-experienced Wikipedians who have offered suggestions and helpful criticism on my contributions so far. Please rest assured that I do take your advice quite seriously, and in each case, I have tried my best to improve my past contributions, and to keep your advice in mind as I contemplate new contributions to Wikipedia.

As a fan and contributor to Free/Libre Open Source Software, I see great and lasting value in the sort of "social contract" that is represented by projects such as GPL software, and Wikipedia. We should try to write our GPL code, or our Wikipedia articles) with a quality that is "for the ages," because we don't know how long this project will be available.

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Alan Canon Home Page

temp notes[edit]


This large body of professors has of late years become one of the prominent sects of the country. It has perhaps made more progress within the last ten or twelve years than any other denomination. They were originally styled "Cambellites" by the other sects. They however, repudiate the name, claiming or admitting none except "Christians."

Another branch of professors of which there are several congregations in the county, also claim, or give themselves the appellation of the "Christian Church," which has lead to some confuion, many persons understanding them to be the same. These last are sometimes known as "New Lights." The congregations of the "Christians," with such statistics as have been obtained, are here presented.

New Castle -- Organized in April, 1863, by Elder Benjamin Franklin, has a membership of 174; its property is valued at $12,000, and will seat about 800 persons. Eld. Alex. Johnson was the first pastor regularly employed; he was succeeded by Eld. W. G. Irwin, he by Eld. D. H. Gary, and he by Eld. J. B. Ludwig, pastor at present in charge, and under whose ministrations the church is flourishing. A large Sabbath school is connected with the church.

Flat Rock Church -- located five miles southeast of New Castle, was one of the first of the kind organized in the county. Its members number about 100; value of property $2,500; it will seat about 300. "Father Martindale" was one of its earliest pastors.

Buck Creek Church -- At Dunreith, is one of the oldest in the county -- time of organization not learned. It has a membership of about 75 ; and propoerty valued at $1,5000 ; will seat 250

Cadiz Church -- Has a membership of 85 ; and property valued at $2,000, which will seat about 250. Eld. Joseph Franklin is pastor in charge.

Knightstown Church -- Was organized in 1868

Little Blue River Church -- At Hillsboro, three miles northeast of Newcastle, has a membership of 160 ; property valued at $2,000. Eld. Joseph Franklin is in charge.

An illustrated historical atlas of Henry Co. Indiana. Compiled Drawn & Published from Person Examinations & Surveys by Higgins Belden & Co. Lakeside Building Corner Clark & Adams Sts. Chicago 1875 Reprinted 1972 Mayhill Publications P. O. Box 90 Knightstown, Indiana.

Ethel M. Lovell[edit]

Ethel M Lovell (b. Abt. 1885, d. date unknown) Ethel M Lovell (daughter of Frederick Lovell and Elizabeth Edwards) was born Abt. 1885 in Stepney, London, England., and died date unknown in Y.

Includes NotesNotes for Ethel M Lovell:

Teacher of music in 1901

Music Educators Journal February 1939 vol. 25 no. 4 46-49 N

Ethel M. Lovell, an instructor of the Pre-Vocational School, was named the first principal of Ahrens in 1926. The faculty, numbering 25, presented a curriculum which included plumbing, electricity, typing and filing, dressmaking and cabinet making. Miss Lovell served as principal until her death in 1946, when Alfred H.Meyer succeeded her. He guided the school through its third addition and renovation. His secretary, Allene Bierbaum, is an Ahrens Alumni. (Ahrens Yearbook, 1965)