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Alan De Smet is a bipedal land mammal.

If you were really bored, you might visit Alan De Smet's home page.

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Everything from this point forward is pretty much just notes and useful links I use myself; you probably have more interesting things to look at. Of course, feel free to post on my talk page.

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Javascript tools for filling in common templates. Includes a "web cite" tool

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Edit Summary text for List of live action role-playing groups:

No external links on this page. See [[Talk:List of live action role-playing groups|Talk]] for how to appropriately add an external link to your favorite group.

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Wikipedia:Citation templates

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On advertising[edit]

I'm not a big fan of advertising, but Wikipedia would strongly benefit from more revenue. Advertising would solve the problem almost instantly. So long as the advertisements are automated, devoid of human intervention, (as Google's ads are) there should be no risk advertising harming the editorial content.

Notes to myself[edit]