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This editor is a Master Editor IV and is entitled to display this Orichalcum Editor Star.
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I'm just one of the thousands of geeks who are hooked on the joys of editing on Wikipedia. Somebody save me please! Although, it's cheaper than having a girlfriend...

Articles i've created or contributed to:[edit]

I live in Toronto, so I edit about Toronto. Since I'm Canadian, I am forced to write about ice hockey. I just can't help it. I've started contributing to editing film articles, and maybe there I can make a useful contribution (finally).


Ice hockey[edit]


Working on:[edit]

  • adding infoboxes to persons
  • linking Canadian biographical pages to the Canadians page rather than to the Canada page which seems to have been used for a long time
  • correcting links to Toronto, that might be to York, or not include Canada
  • reducing duplicate wikilinks

(last rev. May 2016)