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Alanna the Brave is a newly-graduated English major, committed to helping create clear, well-written articles on Wikipedia. She is particularly interested in topics of poetry, feminism, environmentalism, mystery fiction and fantastical things, and she loves writing biographical articles. One of her favourite authors is Tamora Pierce.

She is a member of WikiProject Women and WikiProject Africa, both of which are concerned with addressing Wikipedia's systemic bias in content.

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Articles she has created:[edit]

GA Articles she has contributed to:[edit]

8 articles

Ongoing projects...[edit]

  1. Decreasing gender gap in lists of historical dates, calendar dates, etc.
  2. Expanding the Timeline of women in science.
    • Adding birth/death dates from The World Contest entries into Year/Days of Year pages.
      • Completed scan: entries 1-25
  3. Possible GA articles to work on: