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Wiki tools[edit]

  • Search through a page's history for edits made by a particular user[1]
  • List changes made recently to pages linked from a specified page [2]
  • List contributors to an article, ranked in order of activity[3]
  • Find images for a given article, using interwiki links[4]
  • Find which Wiki pages link to a particular site [5]
  • What pages have you and another edited? [6]
  • User's across-projects contributions [7]
  • Search Wikipedia's back pages [8]
  • Who wrote that? (Wiki blame) [9]
  • Request page protection [10]
  • Fix bare url reflinks [11]
  • Readability meter [12]
  • X!'s edit count [13]
  • Wikichecker [14]
  • 3RR tool [15]
  • Review [16]
  • Emote [17]
  • Help [18]