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I've been editing Wikipedia since December 2003. I'm not a prolific editor because I read more than I write and I tend to self-revise heavily before posting anything. My user page tends to get horribly out of date; for this I apologize to anyone who might be interested in me. Fortunately, I think the affected population is probably of negligible size.

I have one Featured Article to my credit, Calvin and Hobbes, which became a Featured Article in August 2004. It's still a decent article although it might not meet the higher standards of the present day.

I have credit for a Did You Know? article expansion of Lazarus syndrome in November 2008.

My real-world obligations have prevented me from devoting more time to content improvement. With one of them approaching the end in a few months, I hope to give some attention to slide rule, which has a lot of potential to be a Featured Article someday.

I appreciate the characteristics of moderation, fair play, selflessness, humility, wit, empathy, civil candor, transparency, and proficient writing in editors whom I encounter here at Wikipedia. If there were a way to express appreciation for actions that demonstrate these characteristics without appearing to be fawning over the editor, I'd do it more often.

Aggression, name-calling, bearing grudges, and choosing conflict over collaboration are things that dismay me. I have a tendency to want to intervene and resolve disputes when I see this happening. Sometimes I do (for good or ill), but I try to speak up more when the bad behavior is coming from someone whose views are more in alignment with mine. I hope any editor would feel comfortable giving me civil criticism for any behavior I might show that goes against the ideals I express here.

alanyst /talk/ 16:51, 11 December 2008 (UTC)