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Hello! On Wikipedia, I am known as Alba. Although this name is a contraction of my real name, it has a long and illustrious history in its own right: it is directly derived from the Proto-Indo-European word for white. It may also have meant mountain (makes sense -- a white, snow-capped mountain, right?) Over the years, it has been used many times as a place-name -- for instance, for the island of Britain, land of my ancestors. (The name survives today in the phrase perfidious Albion.) Alba is the Scottish Gaelic word for Scotland, and also the name of an electronic goods manufacturer.

I'm proud to be the instigator and one of the main implementors of the Wikipedia:Cleanup sorting guideline, which endeavours to make Wikipedia maintenance more efficient. It uses Wikipedia:Pages needing attention as one-stop bot-maintained shopping for Wikipedia maintenance. Kudos to my collaborators: User:Beland (and his bot User:Pearle), User:Eagle 101 (and his bot User:Gnome (Bot)), User:R. S. Shaw, User:Danaman5!

Wikipedia is a wonderful hobby. If you're not already a Wikipedian, why not join us today?

The Signpost
24 December 2018

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