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Hi I'm Aldnonymous, I goes by nickname Aldnon or Ald on IRC, Administrator and CheckUser for Indonesian Wikipedia. You may find me doing something weird from time to time, do not be alarmed, it maybe just me testing something or checking LTA/long term abuser and socks, or perhaps it's just me being weird... (hrrmmm...). Anyway, you may ask me for blocking and deletion on other wikis when local admins are not around to perform that for you.



Please do not post request for username change on my talkpage, please go here to make such a request Wikipedia:Changing username/Simple.


I am mainly active in the following wikis:


Quote collection[edit]

Dawn is Breaking – Nine, In the Pitch Darkness Hide Covetous Souls, Human Life and Death When the Forbidden Hour of the Ox Falls Wandering Beasts Creep Along the Road.

Even though they had exhausted their lives, towards the sky Rushing forwards, wandering through the night, Indigo heartbeats that searched for if even just their dreams Wavering emotions, Towards their instantaneously scattered illusions They continued to cry their final tears.

Dream divertisement, a memory of a world of morning mist in an illusionary world.

This present transient world, puts it on crumbling sand. A fabricated dream, its history of an ancient mystic world The shining Sun, casts over a vanishing town.

Is it an illusion, or a castle on sand? Till daybreak, this dream is, a butterfly dream.

Dream divertisement, with the conspicuous color of an illusionary scarlet mansion. This present transient world, puts it on a cold-hearted stone. Daydream's, its fairy tale of an ancient beautiful capital.

The shining Sun, casts over an impurifying town.
— Kid's Festival ~ Innocent Treasures , Changeability of Strange Dream ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

Wandering, wandering, never rewarded,

Though wishing and wishing, your wishes unfulfilled,

My children, weaving the road;

Though running and running, never reaching your destination,

Alight your tales to the wind,

Though repenting and repenting, your sins unerasable,

Someday to be buried in the sky.

Though wandering and wandering, the end is unseen.

Even so, humans struggle to live, wretchedly. And that I think – is something very beautiful. These tones of memory sent upon the wind, rising towards the sky, Undeterred by rain, dancing freely, form a(n) eulogy of short life.

When the devil comes knocking, look him square in the eye; You've got faith like a mountain and you won't let it die!

We're in a.. rain dance~, let it splash on your head. You could'a been in pain but you're rejoicing instead. It's a rain dance~, finding joy through your pain/ And once you've done it this time you are never the same, rain dance~, but we're bright as the sun. And you're the one's. I'm thanking when the moment is done and this rain dance~ helping you feel alive and waiting for another dance, another time!

"Can't you feel the breakneck speed blast? Beat my heart bloody fast Feel like burning in the artificial sun. Meltdown!! WARNING! WARNING! Riding through the night, oh raise your power now's the time to treason"

"Wandering lonely for as long as I can recall , through the day and the night, struggling every day for food and water I don't know how I'm still alive"