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Hi I'm Aldnonymous, I goes by nickname Aldnon or Ald on IRC, I am a global sysop, Administrator for Meta-wiki, Administrator and CheckUser for Indonesian Wikipedia. You may find me doing something weird from time to time, do not be alarmed, it maybe just me testing something or checking LTA/long term abuser and socks, or perhaps it's just me being weird... (hrrmmm...). Anyway, you may ask me for blocking and deletion on other wikis when local admins are not around to perform that for you.


  • Nick/acc : wikimedia/Aldnonymous or Aldnon you may find me on #cvn-sw connect, #wikimedia-stewards connect (being idle), #wikimedia-gs connect (standby).


I am mainly active in the following wikis:



I am currently employed by National Agency for Combating Terrorism, because I strongly oppose any kind of paid contribution I will not edit any kind terrorist related article, nor discussing it on Wikipedia (or on any Wikimedia projects).