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A history-cum-geography buff from young, I regularly research, explore, take pictures and write on little known or forgotten sites, events and people based locally or abroad. I hope my humble contributions in this area will ensure that their memories are not forgotten by future generations, especially in our ever changing and highly urbanised world. Also, certain individuals and organisations are mentioned, which I hope their charitable acts or achievements can help to inspire readers to learn and pursue similar interests in the future.

I welcome and will only respond to bonafide (not anonymous) feedback that are civil and constructive according to the spirit and aspirations of Wikipedia. As my priorities are devoted to research and writing for Wikipedia during my limited free time, my apologies if my response is slow at times. I will try to assume good faith for every edit on my works, but will not take in kindly on unjustified edits (no prior edit summary or discussion), edit wars (See example here. Read the rules here) and vandalism. Such acts may result in a swift warning, being blocked for extended period or even a permanent ban. Do think carefully whether your actions will sully your reputation or alma mater's (those claiming academic credentials) or lead to unwholesome karma that one has to bear later. If you are a newbie, do check out the policies and guidelines first or test edits using a sandbox.

If you find any of my articles is 'Good Article' potential, feel free to nominate and wikify them if necessary to meet the necessary requirements for its entry. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank senior editors, administrators and fellow SGpedians for improving, supporting and defending my works all these while. Thanks for dropping by!

Image use and attribution[edit]

All my self-made images found in the articles that I've contributed previously, may be used anywhere in Wikipedia provided appropriate source and attribution are cited. However, usage outside of Wikipedia for other purposes, require my permission by dropping me a note at my talk page (See an example here). As my photos are released under the Creative Commons Attribution License, it would be nice that the image(s) you use, whether in whole or in part, can be acknowledged (See list here) in your published work or project. Thank you.

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My contributions[edit]

To save the hassle of bookmarking the pages I created, the following list is a personal worksheet-cum-reference to keep track of all my past and outstanding Wiki contributions to date. It is not meant as a communication to the Wiki community per se.

Articles created[edit]

  1. 23 Apr 2008 — Sembawang Hot Spring Good ArticleDid you know?[1]
  2. 5 Nov 2007 — Teresa Hsu Chih Good ArticleDid you know?[2]
  3. 3 Oct 2007 — Venerable Ho Yuen Hoe Good ArticleDid you know?[3]
  4. 26 Sep 2007 — New World Amusement Park Did you know?[4]
  5. 20 Sep 2007 — Battle of Kranji Good ArticleDid you know?[5]
  6. 15 Sep 2007 — Tan Chay Wa's tombstone trial B-Class ArticleDid you know?[6]
  7. 12 Sep 2007 — SGH War Memorial B-Class ArticleDid you know?[7]
  8. 6 Sep 2007 — Early Founders Memorial Stone Good ArticleDid you know?[8]
  9. 28 Aug 2007 — Ee Hoe Hean Club Good ArticleDid you know?[9]
  10. 24 Aug 2007 — Kempeitai East District Branch B-Class ArticleDid you know?[10]
  11. 17 Aug 2007 — Kent Ridge Park Good ArticleDid you know?[11]
  12. 14 Aug 2007 — Amitabha Buddhist Centre B-Class ArticleDid you know?[12]
  13. 7 Aug 2007 — The Buddhist Library Did you know?[13]
  14. 26 July 2007 — Burmese Buddhist Temple B-Class ArticleDid you know?[14]
  15. 17 July 2007 — Middle Road, Singapore B-Class ArticleDid you know?[15]
  16. 10 July 2007 — Singapore National Theatre B-Class Article
  17. 5 July 2007 — Lee Choon Seng Good ArticleDid you know?[16]
  18. 3 July 2007 — Thailand Santikhiri Good ArticleDid you know?[17]
  19. 28 June 2007 — Sungei Road Did you know?[18]
  20. 26 June 2007 — Fort Pasir Panjang Good ArticleDid you know?[19]
  21. 24 June 2007 — Old National Library Building B-Class ArticleDid you know?[20]
  22. 19 June 2007 — 1969 Race Riots of Singapore B-Class Article
  23. 14 June 2007 — 1915 Singapore Mutiny Good ArticleDid you know?[21]
  24. 12 June 2007 — Fort Canning Lighthouse
  25. 5 June 2007 — Poh Ern Shih Temple Good ArticleDid you know?[22]
  26. 28 May 2007 — Japanese Cemetery Park Did you know?[23]
  27. 28 May 2007 — Bukit Batok Memorial Did you know?[24]
  28. 24 May 2007 — Australia Wollongong Lighthouses Did you know?[25]
  29. 22 May 2007 — Macau Sun Yat Sen Memorial House (Unassessed)
  30. 17 May 2007 — Changi Murals Rated a 'Good Article' on 18 Dec 2007 by Tarret
  31. 15 May 2007 — Japan Shinozaki Mamoru Did you know?[26]
  32. 10 May 2007 — Double Tenth Incident Rated a 'Good Article' on 4 May 2008 by Malleus Fatuarum
  33. 10 May 2007 — Selarang Barracks Incident Rated a 'Good Article' on 12 Jan 2008 by Haydn likes carpet
  34. 8 May 2007 — Hong Kong Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Good ArticleDid you know?[27]
  35. 4 May 2007 — Gan Eng Seng School Founding Site
  36. 2 May 2007 — Jin Long Si Temple Did you know?[28]
  37. 26 April 2007 — Long Ya Men Good ArticleDid you know?[29]
  38. 17 April 2007 — Fort Tanjong Katong Good ArticleDid you know?[30]
  39. 13 April 2007 — Gan Eng Seng School B-Class Article
  40. 11 April 2007 — Gan Eng Seng Rated a 'Good Article' on 14 Apr 2008 by Dihydrogen Monoxide
  41. 3 April 2007 — Piya Tan
  42. 30 March 2007 — Malaysia Khoo Kheng-Hor (邱庆河) Good ArticleDid you know?[31]
  • Countries: 7, GA: 19, B-Class: 11, Unassessed: 1, Self-made images: 75

Featured in 'Did You Know' on Wikipedia main page[edit]

  1. ^ ...that the Sembawang, discovered in 1909, is the only natural hot spring on the main island of Singapore? Mentioned on 29 Apr 2008, supported by YellowAssessmentMonkey & Royalbroil. Rated a 'Good Article' on 9 Jun 2008 by Nikki311.
  2. ^ ...that Singaporean Teresa Hsu, a 110-year old social worker who teaches yoga and selfless service to the needy, was named 'Hero for Today' by the Chinese edition of the Reader's Digest? Mentioned on 9 Nov 2007, supported by Carabinieri. Rated a 'Good Article' on 9 Jun 2008 by Nikki311.
  3. ^ ...that Singaporean Venerable Ho Yuen Hoe worked nineteen-hour days hairdressing for nearly thirty years, and used the money to open an old folks' home at age 61? Mentioned on 9 Oct 2007, nominated by Victuallers, supported by Rigadoun & Nishkid64. Rated a 'Good Article' on 17 Apr 2008 by Malleus Fatuarum.
  4. ^ ...that New World, the first and largest family-oriented amusement park in Singapore, was known for its striptease, cabaret girls, and wrestling matches during its heyday? Mentioned on 1 Oct 2007, supported by Andrew_c.
  5. ^ ...that a series of miscommunications and withdrawals by Allied forces during the Battle of Kranji, allowed the Japanese forces to gain strategic footholds which led to the fall of Singapore in 1942? Mentioned on 24 Sep 2007, supported by Allen3. Rated a 'Good Article' on 24 Oct 2007 by EyeSerene.
  6. ^ inscribed tombstone of a political dissident, Tan Chay Wa, sparked off a court case in Singapore which eventually made international news in 1983? Mentioned on 20 Sep 2007, supported by Allen3.
  7. ^ ...that the SGH War Memorial (pictured) was gazetted as one of the nine historical landmarks that are closely linked with the history of medical education in Singapore? Mentioned on 17 Sep 2007, supported by Carabinieri & Elkman.
  8. ^ ...that Singapore’s Early Founders Memorial Stone (pictured), a foundation stone for a proposed memorial, became the memorial itself? Mentioned on 11 Sep 2007, supported by Allen3. Rated a 'Good Article' on 10 Jun 2008 by
  9. ^ ...that Singapore's Ee Hoe Hean Club, a century-old millionaires' club for Chinese businessmen, became a headquarters of an anti-Japanese movement in Southeast Asia from 1937-1942? Mentioned on 31 Aug 2007, supported by Daniel. Rated a 'Good Article' on 31 Jan 2009 by Pyrotec.
  10. ^ ...that during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, the Kempeitai East District Branch was the site of interrogation and torture of many civilians and that later the building housed the YMCA? Mentioned on 28 Aug 2007, supported by PDH.
  11. ^ ...that 159 soldiers of the Malay Regiment fought against a 13,000-strong Japanese force to defend a hill position in Singapore’s Kent Ridge Park? Mentioned on 22 Aug 2007, supported by Andrew_c. Rated a 'Good Article' on 26 Jan 2008 by Malleus Fatuarum.
  12. ^ ...a four-year old boy lama visiting Singapore's Amitabha Buddhist Centre caused a stir when over 10,000 people from all walks of life, including some Christians and Hindus, sought blessings from him? Mentioned on 17 Aug 2007, supported by Allen3.
  13. ^ ...that the Buddhist Library (pictured), which is located in a shophouse, is Singapore's first dedicated Buddhist library and is unique in that it is neither an association nor a temple? Mentioned on 11 Aug 2007, supported by JayHenry & DarkFalls.
  14. ^ ...that Singapore's Burmese Buddhist Temple has the largest white marble statue of the Buddha (pictured) outside of Myanmar? Mentioned on 30 Jul 2007, supported by Blnguyen & Espresso_Addict.
  15. ^ ...that Singapore's Middle Road is home to over 21 Hainanese clan and sub-clan associations? Mentioned on 22 Jul 2007, supported by GeeJo.
  16. ^ ...that Lee Choon Seng, a Singaporean philanthropist built a Buddhist temple with the intention of liberating the spirits of those killed during the 1942 Battle of Pasir Panjang? Mentioned on 11 Jul 2007, supported by Andrew_c.
  17. ^ ...that the town of Santikhiri in northern Thailand has been home to a "lost division" of the Republic of China Army since 1961? Mentioned on 9 Jul 2007, supported by CaliforniaAliBaba & GeeJo. Rated a 'Good Article' on 7 Nov 2007 by Malleus Fatuarum.
  18. ^ ...that Singapore’s Sungei Road, formerly a place designated for affluent Europeans and Asians, is now the largest and oldest flea market better known as the Thieves' Market? Mentioned on 6 Nov 2007, supported by Blnguyen.
  19. ^ ...that Fort Pasir Panjang, part of the 11 coastal fortifications built to repel the Japanese invasion, saw little action during the Battle of Singapore? Mentioned on 1 Jul 2007, supported by GeeJo. Rated a 'Good Article' on 27 Sep 2007 by Dr Cash.
  20. ^ ...that the Old National Library Building, a much-beloved national icon of Singapore, was demolished despite a rare display of public opposition? Mentioned on 30 Jun 2007, nominated by Kevin Myers, supported by Jreferee & Carabinieri.
  21. ^ ...that a military coalition from 4 countries helped the British colonial government to quell the 1915 Singapore Mutiny? Mentioned on 19 Jun 2007, supported by Howcheng. Rated a 'Good Article' on 29 Apr 2008 by Malleus Fatuarum.
  22. ^ ...that the first Western abbot of Singapore's Buddhist Poh Ern Shih Temple was an American? Mentioned on 9 Jun 2007, supported by Howcheng. Rated a 'Good Article' on 12 Jan 2009 by Malleus Fatuorum.
  23. ^ ...that four Japanese War Memorials found in the Japanese Cemetery Park (pictured) were built without knowledge of the British colonial government of Singapore? Mentioned on 4 Jun 2007, supported by Blnguyen.
  24. ^ ...that the Bukit Batok Memorial was built by Australian POWs to honor the war dead of the Japanese and Allies from the Singapore's Battle of Bukit Timah? Mentioned on 4 Jun 2007, supported by Art LaPella & Rigadoun.
  25. ^ ...that Wollongong Head Lighthouse is the only place in eastern Australia to have two lighthouses within close proximity? Mentioned on 29 May 2007, nominated by Carabinieri.
  26. ^ ...that Shinozaki Mamoru was credited as the "Japanese Schindler" for saving thousands of Chinese and Eurasians during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore? Mentioned on 20 May 2007, supported by Howcheng.
  27. ^ ...that, when it opened in 2000, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong was the only permanent wax museum in Asia? Mentioned on 20 Oct 2007, supported by GeeJo & Andrew_c. Rated a 'Good Article' on 15 Jul 2008 by Gary King.
  28. ^ ...that a 120-year old Bodhi tree (pictured) in Jin Long Si Temple, standing over 30 m tall with a girth of 8.5 m, is the oldest and largest of its kind ever found in Singapore? Mentioned on 28 Oct 2007, supported by GeeJo.
  29. ^ ...that Dragon's Teeth Gate (pictured), an ancient navigational landmark, was documented in one of the earliest historic records of Singapore? Mentioned on 1 May 2007, nominated by Vsion. Rated a 'Good Article' on 2 Dec 2007 by Zeus1234.
  30. ^ ...that Singapore’s Fort Tanjong Katong, one of the oldest military forts built by the British colonial government, never saw combat action and was nicknamed the "Wash-out Fort"? Mentioned on 27 Oct 2007, supported by Royalbroil & GeeJo. Rated a 'Good Article' on 16 Nov 2007 by Blnguyen.
  31. ^ ...that Khoo Kheng-Hor, a Malaysian author, was appointed as honorary Assistant Superintendent of Police in Singapore, in recognition for his contemporary application of Sun Tzu's Art of War? Mentioned on 5 Nov 2007, supported by Blnguyen. Rated a 'Good Article' on 15 Aug 2008 by nixeagle.


Hall of Fame[edit]


I would like to thank the following for their kind support, assistance and feedback given during the course of my Wiki writeups:

Last but not least, my thankful acknowledgements to those whom I may have left out unintentionally (My apologies here), and those who choose to remain anonymous despite their contributions.