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Wikipedia Contributions[edit]

Created and/or Significant[edit]

Computer-related articles[edit]

Articles about companies and similar[edit]

Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Ivo Lola Ribar Institute, Iskra Delta, Hummingbird Ltd, Ventilator 202, Modulacije, Elektronska Industrija Niš

Articles about People[edit]




Planned & Desired - help if you can[edit]

  • Other:
  • Image sensor as an overview and improvement of 3CCD, Bayer sensor, and Foveon X3 sensor articles (will create illustrations when I find some more time)
  • Article about Hummingird DM Webtop when and if I get permission from Hummingbird Ltd.
  • Figure out whether it is possible to make on-demand expandable (and collapsible) boxes in Wikipedia since JavaScript use is restricted. I think those would be useful and may make a part of Wikipedia as a platform so that no custom scripts are needed at all.
  • Figure out a way to reduce the size of userboxes and/or make them in collapsible/expandable.


Opinions & Discussions[edit]

I do not like edit wars. Few times I found myself in situations that look like the beginning of one but I resorted to either one of the following:

  • Suggest and/or provide a compromise
  • Attempt to discuss and and provide explainations and reasoning behind my opinion(s) in article's talk page
  • Retreat and let others handle the situation on articles of lesser importance to me
  • Realize that I am wrong and/or that there may be better suited articles
  • Provide my personal opinion on my personal user page - here.

My goal is to create a personal sub-page for every issue in question, so that related discussions can have separate talk pages, possibly even per section.

Ajax, Rich Internet Applications and Related[edit]

I attempted to provide more pros and cons in AJAX article, as well as mention some of the very early pioneers in the field - and Hummingbird Ltd (my current employer). Somehow the user in-fighting warning on the top of article's talk page did not enter my mind and I engaged in making my contributions ... and got burned. I spent significant time on that article's talk page but to no end.

My original contributions and opinions can be found here (RIA and AJAX subpage), along with related talk page.

Non-English Wikipedia Challenges[edit]

I've written extensively about usability problems non-English Wikipedias face - articles not found, readable or other. See Serbian Wikipedia's Challenges for that English-language article that is related to Serbian Wikipedia but makes comparative suggestions and explanations of problems common to many other languages as well.

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