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If I could have two lives, I would be a researcher first, then a crazy political activist second.

What the future holds for me:

(The left and right extremes are less probable jobs, but perhaps the most interesting.)

← Increasingly scientific | Increasingly political →

Studying Biolinguistics < Molecular Biology researcher < Just a Doctor <|> Passionate Political Activist > (Almost impossible) Prime Minister of Canada

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No to:

Big government

Anti-abortion (aka Pro-'life' by the political right)

Same-sex marriage

Singapore's Education System, with elite-students getting preferential treatment and ones who need more help left to fend for themselves. (See the movie I Not Stupid Too)

Yes to:

John Locke's Theory that humans are characterized by reason and tolerance (they are not born evil)


America: From Freedom to Fascism: ** - Interesting idea... not much support. So much for the 'revolution'

South Park: *****

Family Guy: *****

Simpsons: **** - maybe it's too intellectual for me... I just want a good laugh without the need to think.

Note to self:

Worksheet Question #21:

Taking the bottom part first:

Expand it:

Now the top part:

Expand it:



Putting the two parts together, we get:

Multiple Choice Answer: C

You gotta be kidding! The last step (where 5 disappears and 9 appears) makes no sense at all!