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User:Alex 21/script-redlinks.js is a script that removes red links from an article. Per WP:REDLINK, only remove them if there are too many red links for an article, or if one or more of the links present (regardless of number) are inappropriate for any reason.


To install the script, add:

importScript('User:Alex 21/script-functions.js');
importScript('User:Alex 21/script-redlinks.js');

to Special:MyPage/common.js.

>>> User:Alex 21/script-functions.js is required to include multiple shared functions, and the custom "TV Scripts" header, many of which are used identically in a few of my other scripts - you only need to include it in Special:MyPage/common.js once. Follow the instructions at User:Alex 21/script-functions for installing scripts by Alex 21. <<<

There will be a "Remove redlinks" link in the toolbox on the left on every article. Click it to collect the redlinks and save them - if there are none, you will be alerted and the script will stop.

You will be redirected to edit mode, and the script will automatically remove the saved redlinks from the article. Regular redlinks will be converted to unlinked text, category redlinks will be removed. An edit summary will be provided. If there were no red links removed, you will be alerted again - this may be a case of the red links residing in the article's navigational boxes - check there. Save the page manually, after manually removing instances of {{cleanup red links}}, etc.


Please report any bugs on the talk page of the script's creator.

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