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ru Русскийродной язык этого участника.
de-4 Dieser Benutzer hat Deutschkenntnisse auf muttersprachlichem Niveau.
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(vegetarian, smth like >99% vegan)

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My wikipedia accounts[edit]

user editcount Tool1, wannabe_kate brief summary
commons:User:Alex Ex commons commons Image uploads, mostly own work (such as photos from music concerts, sightseeing, and food-related). 200+ edits by 2008-01
de:Benutzer:Alex Ex de de Major contributions and creation of articles + categories, interwiki. 500+ edits by 2008-01
en:User:Alex Ex
(ex-en:User:Alex ex)
en en Major contributions and creation of articles and categories, interwiki. 1500+ edits by 2008-08
fr:Utilisateur:Alex Ex fr fr Minor contributions, mostly to interwiki links
it:Utente:Alex Ex it it Few edits, created the account to authorize them.
nl:Gebruiker:Alex Ex nl nl Few edits, created the account to authorize them before adding pics to nl:35007.
ru:Участник:Alex Ex ru ru Major contributions (over 10.000 edits by 2008-08) and creation of articles and categories, interwiki. I contribute here a lot, because this wikipedia is smaller then german and english, there is much work to do, lots of blanks to be filled, and more over: I do speak russian well.
simple:User:Alex Ex simple simple Minor contributions.

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