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Alex Nisnevich
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I am a participant in the Cleanup Taskforce. View my desk here.

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This is just a collection of some cool things you can do with Wikipedia that some users may not know about. This page is constantly being updated!


Wikipedia toolbar[edit]

The Wikipedia toolbar is a very useful toolbar for Mozilla and Firefox, that offers much more features than the standard edit toolbar, such as underline and strikethrough text, lists, tables, and advanced image options.

External links[edit]

Useful Templates[edit]

Special Templates[edit]

  • __TOC__ — adds a table of contents at a certain location.
  • __NOTOC__ — removes the table of contents for that page, if it exists.
  • __NOEDITSECTION__ — removes the option to edit sections for that page.

Wikipedia Templates[edit]

See also: List of Templates.

  • Template:Clear (Usage: {{clear}}) - Makes content wait until existing content is completed in all columns. Often used to stop text from flowing next to inappropriate images.
  • Template:Ml (Usage: {{ml|<redirect link>}}) — If the redirect links to a page with multiple headings, this template adds a link to the appropriate heading.
  • Template:Todo (Usage: {{todo}}) — Adds a to-do list to an article. Very useful, especially for WikiProjects.
  • Template:WikiProject (Usage: {{subst:WikiProject|<projectname>}}) - For starting a WikiProject.