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My dog, Coffee.

Hello. 你好. Hola. नमस्ते. مرحبا. Hello. Здравствуйте. হ্যালো.

I'm Alex. I am from Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, where I have always lived. Politically, I support civic nationalism and environmentalism. I am ethnically mixed British and Finnish. I generally update Canadian statistics such as climate, or population, although I will update anything I can. I am a student, but I edit whenever it is possible. I enjoy spending my time playing video games, exploring forests, and studying climate related things, and drawing, but I am terrible at that. My studying interests include politics, climate, geology, and terrorism. My climate charts can be found here.

The pages I've created on the English wikipedia are: 2018 Vienna stabbing, Mt. Sisa, 1983 Guinea earthquake, 2018 Southern California mudflows, 2017 Jecheon fire, 2017 Costa Rica earthquake, Human rights in the Gambia, Campo Acosta, Mexico and Bonilla Island, British Columbia.

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