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My name is Alex Amies. I am a software engineer by profession. Please contact me to review, edit, or contribute to articles in my areas of expertise. I am including a brief description of my areas of expertise below and partial list of publications. My vision for Wikipedia is to have ample and accurate information for all the things that are important to me, except those things that should be only part of my private life. My challenges are having the time to write that and writing about it and writing it well and in a neutral way. All of the content that I write on Wikipedia only represents my own views and is not posted on behalf of my employer.

Software Development and Cloud Computing[edit]

I am presently working on the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise development team. In the past I was a developer and lead architect for IBM Tivoli Identity Manager. I have worked in software development with Java and J2EE technologies for about 15 years in projects from 5 to over 200 people in size. I have been involved in all phases of software development from project feasibility studies, requirements definition, design, coding, usability studies, testing, certification, deployment, and support.

Partial List of Publications[edit]

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Volunteer Work[edit]

Answering student questions, 2010
E-Week presentation at Tianyi Middle School, Wuxi, China

I have prepared and delivered a number of presentations to elementary, middle, and high school students at Engineers Week, aka E-Week, in the United States and China. This is a program to encourage students to pursue careers in science and technology.

I am also interested in environmental issues and am a life member of the Sierra Club. I have acted as an outings leader for many trips with the Sierra Peak Section and Desert Peak Section.

My favorite charity is the One Heart Charity in Xiamen, China, especially their children's home.

Personal Interests and Beliefs[edit]

One of my main interests is in Chinese language and culture. I have lived in Mainland China for over three years, speak Chinese in my day-to-day work and life.

I am a Buddhist and a vegetarian. My Chinese and Dharma name is 寂福 (Ji Fu).